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Minute attorney general jeff sessions is confident the justice system can prosecute terrorist suspects like seifu low sell you popped the man charged in the deadly truck attack in lower manhattan terrorists should know vis vis administration we'll use all lawful tools at our disposal including prosecution in article three courts or at guantanamo bay president trump tweeted sal you're pop should get the death penalty police near denver say scott ostrom the man suspected of killing three people have a local walmart has a minor a criminal record ostrom was arrested today the mayor of houston silvester turner says it's fitting the hometown astros won the world series going hurricane harvey roughly that say fifty one inches of rain fell on houston and the surrounding region and last night in the seventh game of the worst series they end up winning five two one there will be a parade in houston for the astros tomorrow i'm ed donahue vietnam's helping leaders of the remaining eleven member countries of the pacific rim trade pact the trans pacific partnership may be able to discuss a revised deal following the us's withdrawal during next week's regional summit other countries involved in the pact include australia new zealand singapore and japan vietnam's deputy foreign minister says he hopes talks held in japan this week will have narrowed differences enough to allow trade ministers and leaders to endorse unamended agreement during the asia economic cooperative forum the annual regional summit will be held in vietnam next week japan's also hoping for a framework of cream meant and pursuing the trans pacific partnership by the time of the summit despite having lost the us as its anchor drunken groups riding around.

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