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He's just so much magic. He is dreaming of John and Michigan. Hey John, welcome. Hi, Stephanie. Hi. While we're praying for Paul Pelosi's recovery, I keep hearing the media say he's going to they're expecting a complete recovery full recovery. How does an 82 year old man fully recover from a bastion of skull with a hammer? Yeah. So if psychologically, physically, I mean, elderly parents that I know. Yeah. That stuff just doesn't go away. Yeah. And the second is, how does Paul Pelosi not have a protective detail? These people have been showing us who they are for generations now. Yeah. Well, because it's a graveyard. It follows the speaker, you know, and she was in she was in D.C.. She was here, as you know, my house. And so you've seen her. I've seen her teach. It's quite expensive. But that's where we're at now. I mean, I guess they're going to have to talk about extending it to the whole family because and for how many members of Congress at this point. Right. Because she gets it because she's in line. Yeah, because I remember Congress gets that type of protection. Right. You remember, I cleared a spot in the driveway and I put one of these little cheap chairs out there with a little paper, a little just a regular piece of paper with just the Pelosi on it, because I thought, you know, she's going to drive herself on her mini Cooper. No. Yeah. That's a hell of a. Yeah, there was quite a large motorcade. Not very classy stuff. I didn't know. This is my first time. You know what Speaker of the House? She was trying to keep it real, keep it down to earth, you know? Yeah, I figured she's little, she'll drive a smart car or something. Okay Andrew workman tweets seems like a good time to remind people to representative Marjorie Taylor Greene likes a Facebook liked Facebook post calling for the execution of Joe Biden and speaker Pelosi for treason after Trump lost the 2020 election. Tristan Snell, our friend, said January 6th isn't over. They tried to kill policy that day and she's still in danger. This won't end until every single person involved is brought to justice every single one. Here here and our friend, uncle Rob Reiner says, for those who are fighting to preserve our constitutional democracy, now is the time. Now is not the time to leave Twitter. Now is the time to vote blue. Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote. Duty to Warren said today's possible attempted assassination of the Speaker of the House shows the attack on the capitol has never stopped. I think that's absolutely right. You've got to look at this continuation. We kept trying to say that. It's not over. January 6th is not over. Duane in Detroit, you're on the Stephanie Miller show. Hey Duane. Hey, Stephanie, you know, as a straight man. I love you guys so much. I just do. Okay. And we love you. This whole thing with potholes is just, it's crazy. It's crazy. Yeah. I mean, what's crazy is normalizing it is that we just it's just becomes another day. Another normal, you know, a bunch of right-wing excuses and rhetoric. It's really I'm making myself vomit. Okay, Andrew Whitman said surprising no one the assailant who attacked Paul Pelosi was in search of speaker Pelosi before the assault occurred the intruder confronted. Pelosi and their home shutting where is Nancy, where is announcing? This is identical to what Trump's mob was shouting on January 6th. Oh, by the way, Black Knight tweeted, this is your friendly reminder that the Secret Service sat on credible death threats to speaker Pelosi on one 6. Thank you. Okay. Oh, are we? Yes, we're in a dark Halloween again. Sure. That must mean it's time for the yearly flavin, isn't it? Oh, but if it's a bath? Yeah

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