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That's a good point. I wonder if he's probably was described that way in the book. Doubt. Only somewhere to find out. I don't think there's what's number. One for me is a movie that. I have not brought up in several years last time was in twenty fourteen tough. I've racists this is. Everyone, everyone Anderson Principal Characters in the movie conspiracy which I also assigned do many years ago conspiracy from two thousand and one directed by Frank Pearson legendary screen screenwriter. He wrote cool hand. Luke hero dogged afternoon, and sadly he died in two thousand fourteen. This stars a WHO's who of. International Superstars Kenneth Branagh Stanley Tucci Colin. Firth there's an HBO film and is the True Story of the WanNa. See Conference where the cost was planned in excruciating detail, and that sounds maybe a little bit boring for a film. It is not it is compelling to watch these We have a tendency to demonize Nazis for good reason for obvious reasons, but like it's weird to see these buttoned-up military officers go sort of. What, Ticu Leslie through. How do we solve the Jewish problem? Like was our final solution. Do we deport them? No, that's that's that's ridiculous. Do do all the we do, and it gets more and more crazy and creepy. And is a true story that the the notes to this meeting were found. I Find Eichmann. AIKMAN's notes were found when he was captured. Argentina nineteen, sixty two. Otherwise, this would have been lost to history would have had to totally guess at this. Clip for you, Anderson, because one of the more chilling moments of the movie for me was when Colin. Firth Delivers this monologue that you think is going to be him. Standing up to this insanity right easies, there are literally planning execution of millions of human beings from our country. And he he starting to get more and more riled up, and he finally slams his hand on the table and he gets into it and you're like. Oh! Here, it is right. For Jews. Wonderful Yeah. You don't have my credentials. Forgive me from your uniform confirmed that you're shallow, ignorant and naive about the Jews your line. What the Party rants on about his is how how inferior they are some sub species I. Keep saying Haram that is. They are sublimely clever. And their intelligence as well. My indictments and that Australia and heavier because they are real, not you're uneducated ideology. They are arrogant and self obsessed and calculating and reject the Christ and I will not have them pollute German blunt. Please talk he doesn't understand. Another people. Deal with the reality of the Jew and the world will applaud this. Treat them as. Imaginary phantoms evil inhuman fantasies, and the world will have justified contempt for us to kill him casually without regard for the law martyrs, which will be their victory. Sterilization recognizes them as a part of our species, but prevents them from being a part of our race. They'll disappear soon enough, and we will have acted in defense of our race and of species, and by the all this. Fella mentioned the law for the protection of German blood I wrote that law. When you have my credentials, then we'll talk about who loved the Jews and who hates them. The, the subtle irony of it all is that. What you said came true because they didn't listen to him. They treated the Jews as subhuman and as a result, the world was outraged rightfully so now who knows what it turned out? Probably similarly had they listened to him, but the weird thing was was being prophetic. Don't do this. This is going to end, and that's how it ended. I if. Okay! They don't have horns, and they're not e evil little creatures. They're clever and they're smart and we need to kill them. people. On board. My guess is that there would have been a percentage of the population that would got on board much more than these animals and extinguishing them, and by the way his compromised level headed plan was to sterilize every two. It's fucking insanity. So no growth. sociopaths. Conspiracy. In. This doesn't really line up with your With your with your parent down Brian, to those who do not kill because these guys all they all killed. They a lot of people. Did they put the head out basically they didn't pull the trigger, but you know they're. They're responsible. They're very very very responsible. Bryant's all right. Very good fun list. I don't know if we even do almost had henry the the portrait of a serial killer Henry in Henry and the portrait of a serial killer, almost had J. Jennifer Jason, Leigh and single white female the rest could be argued one way or the other for. sociopaths or psychopaths so I'm not going to go any further with the With the old. Also Rans there. I think we did this a week ago. We decided we should hold onto it because there's so many. Great Film Characters. Obviously you know what I mean these are these are characters you remember, and they're chilling or there are. There are extra memory. All right onto the listener list, and this is thanks to Jordan Wolf, and like I said before the top of the program. If you'd like to watch, Jordan will wolf on twitch, almost combine wolf and twitch with which. If. You like to watch him. Do it live on twitch. Compile the listener list your list, guys and girls. I can do that with a little follow. You can see exactly when he does it. If you're following us over on the instagram at Anderson and Bryan Bryan with a y., and he's going to be doing at seven thirty ish. Pacific Standard Time on Tuesdays but more details. If you follow us over there on the instagram like I said, and here's this week's list. Four sociopaths number five is Gary Oldman in Leon. The professional with almost four percent of the overall vote. On, he said, go back inside. Number Ford's joker and various movies. Joker. I think they're mainly talking about full metal jackets Joker Matthew. Modine joker joker. Yeah, seem not get along with the. Duality of man yeah. Number three Patrick Bateman in American. Psycho, see I wanNA have them on my list because he. Simulates pretty well. As a he's a psychopathic he's pretty. Plugged into society's got his goons, girlfriend and everything. Fourteen percent and it a thinly-veiled facade for. For for murdering, but he does have those things. As Patrick Bateman in American, psycho number two from the listener list. Is something somebody named Anton Anton Sugar. Anton Sugar Sugar. I'll have to look. And no country for old man with fifteen point, four percent of the overall vote and number one all time, sociopath. Coordinator listeners is Lou. Bloom in night, crawler played by Jake. gyllenhaal crazy is there. Yeah good. I didn't see the ongoing. occurred to me, so yeah. I liked it I. do not see that one coming with the listeners and I don't. I don't think I even have him on the on the also ran list, but yeah. Definitely he'll kill cut and claw and step on his own mother's neck to get what he wants, right. Not Blink while doing it. Doesn't blink. He's got crazy. is because some very very crazy is all right? Gambling Brian Gamble lean..

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