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On each other in North ST Louis, leaving several dead police major Merry war. Nikki is heading up the investigation. We have a shooting where we believe Shots were fired between two groups. We have three Blackmails. Dead here on the scene. We have 1/4 victim who's being treated at a local hospital, or Nicky says they don't know what led to the shooting. But it's possible some shots were fired from a moving car because one of the dead man was found in a crashed car happened around two o'clock in the 5500. Bock of Floyd. The latest killings brings the July total to more than 50 The number of people murdered in ST Louis City that represents 1/3 of all of the 150 killings in the city. Year to date, ST. Louis Police Officers Association president Officer Jaysh Order, says. Schroeder says he doesn't see any end in sight. I didn't think it would be worse, anything would be worse than June and I don't even I can't even imagine it being worse in July next month, but I mean, it just seems like the trend continues, continues to go up and up and up, And I mean, if Or basically averaging a murder a day Shorter says the other night, someone fired almost 60 rounds at an officer during a traffic stop at 14th and Biddle that officer was not hurt. He's hoping the department can hire more officers to fill some 130 vacancies. If the misery legislature does away with the city's residency rule during its special session. It's 6 34 4 34 on the West Coast and getting word of a 4.5 magnitude earthquake centered near San Fernando, California, just north of Los Angeles, will follow that. CBS may have the latest for us if there's any new information coming up at the top of the hour. The news is sponsored by Michael's flooring out, Let the flooring experts Michael's flooring outlet dot com What's being done to stop violent crime in ST Louis? Nine officers for two man cars in a sergeant? They're working on the riverfront Mayor Cruise and explains what officers are doing to stop late night cruising after the break. J. Foreigner.

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