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Which Casey was behaving. Strangely, his mood had turned dark in the month leading up to his violent murder in June of nineteen. Ninety four and south Florida. He seemed to sense. He was endanger he spoke of machine guns of battling mobsters and after he's beaten and gunned down on his dining room floor along with two women in his house for drinks after they closed his nightclub Casey's, Nickelodeon, friends and family. Tell police of his recent depression. He's anxiously say about the arrest of one of his longtime friends on murder charges, and it's that last revelation that sends detectives in the media on an intriguing and unexpected tangent. In the early days of the investigation, his friend is J Simpson. From the sun sentinel in south Florida dot com and association with wondering, this is baloney Florida. The podcasts that lead you into the dark side of the sunshine state. I'm Lisa Arthur, and this is the story of the Casey's Nickelodeon murders episode to OJ in the mob. In the nineteen seventies long before the Casey's Nickelodeon bar and sell Florida open. Butch Casey's parents, pappy and Dadi secorski ran a bar with the same name in Buffalo New York where Bush had grown up. He managed the bar for his parents. And as the club's popularity, grew sorted push his reputation as the disco king. Casey's became a hang out spot for members of the Buffalo Bills football team. During the nineteen Seventy-three season. The bills had finally started to see the payoff for their nineteen sixty nine draft pick OJ. Simpson, the running back had a breakout year setting records and earning league's title of most valuable player. He's Nickelodeon, became a regular, hang out for J and he developed a friendship with Butch Casey in one thousand nine hundred Bush family sold Casey's and moved to south Florida, but pushing OJ remained friends. June twelve nineteen ninety four OJ's wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend. Ronald Goldman were violently mirror in Los Angeles. OJ. Simpson was a prime suspect during the two weeks between those murders and his own death, which was agitated by the situation and concern for his friend OJ. But even before that for almost a whole month which had been unusually dark and melancholy at times according to friends and relatives police interviewed in the month before he died, which had started saying things to people close to him. Like if anything happens to me, you're taking care of in my state. If anything happens to me raise gonna, run the bar, the jovial and brash, which casing seem suddenly reflective. He asked one, longtime friend. I'm not a bad person. Police, looking in bushes, murder, wanted to know more about this change in Bush's state of mind. Paul Manzella was the lead detective for the Miramar Florida police department. He questioned a manager from pushes bar Peter Bednarz. Where. In contrast very close friends and family member. Detailing War I giving sense that something was going to happen. When when he was being he'll Jay. For in the view. That may be in trouble or anything. Anything it would be just your life for Vichy aggravated about the. But as you know, somebody that was somebody. They would be, I would assume that would be concerned about his old friend. But very loyal in in anything for people that have been friends with them. Five days after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman OJ Simpson led police on a chase through Los Angeles, the infamous white Bronco chase. He was arrested June seventeenth. One week later, which Casey is beaten and shot to death in his cell Florida home along with his two guests Marie Rogers and Sharon Anderson police discover that shortly before he died, Butch had told people at his bar that he was going to be bigger news than OJ Simpson. Was there some kind of connection.

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