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T hopkinson tight end. Tyreek hill chris godwin it wide receiver. I don't love odell beckham as my number three receiver but it could be worse. And tariq cohen is my flex. Isn't it the perfect scenario to happen. You could say that. Let me see who went around him. I think i just wanted other guys. That went ripe ripe before him. Yeah yeah this is right. After the shark samuel sutton claypool robby anderson group. I would have preferred claypool and sutton so i thought wide receiver got a little bit thin there. That was the end of round seven this fine and to re cohen eighty fifth overall is my flex. Okay but yeah. It's price pay when you go with the mark jackson. Tj hodkinson with pick sixty and sixty one like my team overall with the carson and chubb running back tyreek hill chris. Godwin jackson hopkinson holding it. Down not bad. somehow. I ended up with the falcons. The that was an auto pick Yeah there you go. And i took some wide receivers because i have denzel mims and jalen reagor. One of them will probably be a top five player. Design your too wide receivers and that is our thank. You appreciate it. That's our mock drafts. Check out the link and the right up on our website on. Cbs sports dot com slash fantasy. That's gonna do it for today's show. We will read some emails tomorrow. We will read a bunch of them on thursday plus apple podcast question so get those reviews and thanks to heath and jamie adventure on at seeing some. You haven't seen nothing yet your income all the smoke smoke map lawn steven jackson talking about life culture. We put the power in the players hand. I never told by adding good conversation. Chris paul what's going on your net zone can find he'll over there all major podcast platforms whose..

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