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It is still too early to determine when or if the NBA season might resume silver was the first major sports commissioner in the U. S. to suspend the season because of the corona virus pandemic says he knows less now than he did at the time of the suspension and when asked about whether or not it's still possible to save the regular season in a perfect world yes we would try to finish the regular season in some form and then move on to the playoffs but what I've learned I think initially for the first week first two weeks we were looking at more specific scenarios in terms of if we start this date what will that mean for the regular season when when the playoffs begin when would they conclude and again what I've learned over the last few weeks is that we just have too little information to make those sort of projections that silver told that tonight during the Johnson of Turner sports the NBA has told teams they may not conduct or attend any workouts with draft eligible players which is a radical departure from the norm major league baseball continues to consider ideas of how it might start up it's suspended season today a conference call involving all thirty major league teams among the ideas discussed was forty four thirty of those teams in the Phoenix area explained it if you ballpark the Arizona plant only in the discussion phase sources told the Associated Press many obstacles would have to be overcome NFL draft remains scheduled for April twenty third through the twenty fifth it will be a virtual draft team personnel will work from home they will all be separately located group gatherings will be prohibited and the Phils all decade team announced today Tom Brady the headliner one of eight unanimous selections along with Adrian Peterson JJ watt von Miller our Donald Joe Thomas and marshal Yanda baseball the favorite died today al que line he was affectionately known as Mr tiger has passed away played twenty two seasons in the majors and all twenty two of them was spent with the Detroit Tigers age of twenty one that American League batting championship youngest player to ever do that fifteen time all star ten time gold glove outfielder he is dead at the age of eighty five the British open was canceled today for first time since World War two the open championship will not be played the masters reschedule for November the twelfth through the fifteenth PGA championship scheduled to begin on August the sixth at the US open has been rescheduled to begin September seventeenth at Wake Forest obviously for.

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