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I am Gloria Grace. Ran And I am delighted that you are joining us here today because we are going to be talking thing about one of my. I don't know if it's my favorite subject but it's definitely a subject that is One that I've pay attention to and one that I continuously work on and it is about letting go and and it's in particular about letting go of Maybe the need perfectionism I suppose but more than letting go of let's see. How do I want to save this letting go of the need to beat yourself up? Yeah yeah that's what I WANNA say letting go of the need to beat yourself up over mistakes that you've made because as Billy Joel once famously sang complicity in the eighties or nineties You're only human. You're supposed to make mistakes and that's going to happen and as long as we learn from our mistakes and we make amends where necessary. There's no real problem with that. The problem comes. WHO's in when we start to focus all of our attention on the mistakes that we've made and when I said like we start beating ourselves up over not being perfect or just or just not doing what we think we should have done or ought to have done or Said said in a particular circumstance? The problem happens when we do this. Is that what you focus on expanse and I want to share a story with you today about something that actually happened just this morning. That perfectly illustrates this. I was was at our local Rotary Club. I was giving actually a talk and was sharing Three expert life secrets on how to to have more love joy and abundance in your life and before I gave my presentation. The President of the club was making some announcements announcment and in the middle of it. She caught herself and she said. Wow Why am I saying yeah instead of yes I never do that. Why am I doing that? That's so strange age. And then she proceeded to talk more and she proceeded to say yeah about three or four more times even though she knew she didn't WanNa do that what she wanted to say. Yes but that's the funny thing about our brains number one is that it focuses on Is Very easy for us to focus in on negative things. It only takes two seconds to to get this neural pathway. Going along along something that is negative whereas if we want to focus on a positive outcome and to change our thoughts to be ones ones that are more empowering and positive we spend at least fifteen seconds before we get that neural pathway to rewire rewire in that positive direction and along that positive thought so for some reason we are just hardwired to focus in on danger I again and I and I I suppose it's because of you know our when we were first you know millions or or how how long ago we were on this planet but anyway our ancient ancestors the hunter gatherers that they had to be aware of danger and they had to be on the lookout for wild animals and things that could kill them and so I guess that's where this hard wiring four danger and problems came about but in the twenty first century. We don't really need Released most of US anyway. Don't need to to be that way. We aren't necessarily facing danger Certainly not like people who live out in the wild You know were or our ancestors anyway so it takes a little bit more concerted effort to focus in on things that are more positive. But it's absolutely worthwhile fact. I even have this little I've got a A cut out from from Zen calendar that I have this piece of paper is probably thirty years old. That is on my desk right now but says learn to be calm and you will always be happy and I think part of being calm is learning to let go of that which doesn't serve you and that which doesn't serve. You is beating yourself up over things. Mistakes that you've made it doesn't serve. You doesn't serve anyone else around you your family your friends when you're doing that so my advice to you is to let it go now. You're probably thinking well sure that's easier said than done. You're right. It may not necessarily be easy but it is. It is a simple thing. It just takes determination nation. It takes practice. It takes being mindful and making a choice. How do I want to be how? How do I want to act? What do I want to achieve? Because you have the power to do that at any any moment you have the power and they wanNA share with you right now. Is I have a lovely cute little card and in front of me. I keep on my desk. I don't even know where this came from was clearing cleaning my desk the other day and I came across this so the the front side of it says it is only thought and a thought can be changed. And that's true right because if you have a thought you you don't have to keep that thought you can change it very easily. It just requires requires saying okay yet like the thought. Let me come up with something else and the backside of this car it explains why this is important and says says the thoughts I choose to think and believe right now are creating my future these thoughts for my experiences tomorrow next next week and next year so do you want to continue to think. Negative thoughts thoughts about. Oh what a loser you are or you know. Oh you're so stupid for Messing that thing up or oh gosh you know why. Why did I do do that? Do you want to keep thinking those kind of thoughts or wouldn't it be better to start thinking more empowering thoughts because biggest. Here's an important point. I want you to consider which I haven't mentioned yet. And my higher power say hey remember me so yeah I do remember God. And here's a fact you are a divine person you are were created. Aided in God's image and as my mother always said God didn't make junk think about it God is not junk right. We don't consider God junk. I mean look at this beautiful planet Senate that has been created for us to live on with beautiful plants and flowers and trees and mazing being Owens and lakes and rivers this is not jong unfortunately we as humans put a lot of junk into it. But it's a a beautiful planet and we are beautiful people no matter what color skin you have no matter whether you are a man or woman or a gender or whatever you are however you refer to yourself you are a divine person and I believe as as a lot of people say is that we are A spiritual being having a human expression I think saying that right I hope anyway but but living living living a human experience. I think that's what it is. So we are spiritual beings and so let's choose as spiritual beings let's choose is to have empowering beautiful thoughts that reflect the beauty that is already inside of us that beauty needs to come out of our mouths so and and come out in the actions that we do every day so I encourage you to think about that and in the coming hours days weeks and remember choose remember you have the power to choose the thoughts. You think nobody else can do that for you you alone have that power to choose so spent some time spent some quiet time. I'm an meditation or journaling and and ask your higher power. What do you want me to do today? What do you want me to say today day and then just take a moment and listen and just be quiet and see what comes to you because another thing I have learned in my years of living Is that if it's a critical voice that comes to you. That's not God. That's just the we go. And as Wayne Dyer used to say ego stands for edging. God Out I love that phrase but if there's something positive that comes through do that is you that is your divine spirit coming through and you. I recommend listen to it. Listen to that voice. That is the empowering Voice of God in you that needs to come out in this world so until next time I am. Gloria Gloria. 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