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On Broadway this week and the hilarious successful paramount picture what life it's truly a four bell movie and we urge you all to see it. Tonight we're pleased to present one of the stars of the motion picture. Miss Betty. Field will play Barbara and Henry Sweetheart. As usual, the part of Henry. Aldrich is played by Ezra Stone. The scene opens in Baba's home. It is early evening. Grandmother One Barbara Come yet has he just ask you. Know he hasn't bothered. First Time. This week has been here. Could you come here. Where are you? I'm here in the Front Hall. What is it this time Barbara? Now listen father I don't want grandmother to hear me why don't you want me to? Oh no reason. Father. When Henry comes, would you do something for me? I know it's awful but I've got it all planned. I found out today Henry is seeing an awful lot of constance. Masha. Who told you conscious yourself did. See the fun of even seen together all. That of candy we had Rania last night I haven't any idea. When Henry does come? Would you mind stepping into the room just once or twice and saying George Bigelow to speak to me on the telephone. Fat I won't you I'm just a bit surprise. Barbara wouldn't be so terrible. Would it? Don't you think I'm human arise doping it'd be much better if you got your grandmother mixed up in this grandmother wouldn't approve. Jo No, she wouldn't and exactly what makes you think I do it's for Henry's good father conscious Marshall is so silly Barbara Young ladies don't go about deliberately making young men jealous they do I baked different with you? I refuse candy still ahead my teeth. Somebody's at the door PC yes father well. Practically yes. Well how do you do young man? Wants to Pearson, how are you this evening split and? How is Mrs Sanderson She's splendid. She's not either I just terrible is that you and their Mrs Sanderson Charles. Hope Henry. And asking all he'd been where Henry is Ashi. Grandmother I had to stop for a second and see somebody on the way over Barbara. I'm want to put your hat in that package down I'll put my hat down but I think I'll keep the package. Don't you trust US Henry I don't mind holding it. It only ways to pounds. What's in it? I'll just a little something well. Mister Pearson. How how do you find business? Very Good Henry. My father was saying, would you excuse me just a Moment Henry? Henry I went over to Madonna's today. Is that right and I can't eat one less thing has that right and I can't remember when I went to sleep last. Henry. Well here. Here here's a package for you be careful when you take it at ways to pounds Oh, you shouldn't have done this him up. Aren't you gonNA open it all right. Who did you drop in to see on your way over him Layton nobody in particular? It wasn't constance Marshall. Was it off she want me to do is drop in and say hello. She's a nice girl. Yes father wanted on the telephone is it sounded like George Bigelow Georgia Again Oh. Excuse me. Sure you mean, you're going without opening it. I'll be right. Strange I didn't hear that phone rang Mrs Sanderson. Did did Mister Pearson say George Bigelow? He did George Bigelow. Tell me what you honestly think of George Tell. You truth I don't think of him at all. What do you think of or you can't get me to say anything against them? It's very honorable. You know I said to Barbara only the other day am lady I said I. Hope You appreciate what kind of young man Henry Aldrich really is that right? Yes and what did she say? I forget my oh well. I certainly hope Georgia doesn't call again, George Fine, Mary, Fund. Glad to hear that. Say, as much about south. Don't you think you'd feel better if you went up to bed grandmother when you're GonNa Open that Candy I'm opening it. Can Grandmother Well just to Candy Henry. I didn't even know you were there. Thank you Bergeford. Even if have not, shall we step out onto the Front Porch Barbara Go out there and catch Monja prime you lives for Barbara put on a coat maybe Laura. Yes. Father Phone I. Think it's George Bigelow again my goodness I guess he just thinks I don't have anything else to do skews me him. Must be getting. Death. Henry. You hear any phone ring gnome. With I. Never did don't you do something about it? What is there I can do. What's happening worth having you mean You mean I oughta pound the daylights out of George. He's gotTa him around the Barbara How Hands on. Reminds me hand me that Kenny Gee if Barbara Georgia. I don't see how socking him is going to help any. So it may be a better one it even if he's older than I, am now ma'am. I used to be pretty is any of them and I and I know all the tricks of the trade did you use to fight? When the mandate? Yes. A how these all caravels? No. Ma'am now let me tell you something. If you WANNA make her sit up and take notice on the way to do is to make jokes i. mean when she comes into the room, I don't pay any attention tour I just sit and talk to you well, is that the way they do it in the movies you mean I should make her think I like somebody else I'm telling you not as a grandmother. About as one. Another yet busy busy quake. Yes ma'am yeah. Wanted. This one got knocked. My goodness. George Bigelow, he wants to give me his class pin. Can you imagine such a clean well? Come late is it is going no place I I just told Connie when I dropped in I'd be right back. I'm sorry I didn't tell George could come over. Lunch calling back. Well. Of course. Maybe, I. If he's phone ain't were out. Putting the Lapel your code. Nothing have just a pen economy. She asked me to wear red she get. Her mother had at first. It's an old family heirloom. Let me see what it says. Both the temp. Tick. The the the whole family comes from a long line at Democrats. I'm sorry you have to go Henry home maybe I can stay I'm telling you Henry origin making the mistake he life. Well Grandmother. I don't think we should force them to go. Henry I guess I have to go Barbara Goodbye. I. Suppose we very much from now on. We'll wait why not Oh on the I. Guess as time goes on you won't hum well Audra you're wanted on the telephone how is it? You better go to George. Constance. Marshall She's over at somebody's house wants you to come over? Is that right? I'll answer just a minute is this constance Marshall conce Marshall Nothing, but an N. T. S. what's an T. S. necktie straighter every boy she meets she.

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