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Oh, that's gone and talks base dot com slash gone. Now, let's get back to our story. Now that we've delved into who Oliver Cromwell was, let's dig into his post mortem adventure, starting with what happened to his body in sixteen fifty eight after Oliver Cromwell's death, rule of the land fell to his son. Richard Cromwell, Richard however proved ineffectual ruling for only a year from sixteen fifty eight to sixteen fifty nine Richard lacked much of his father's drive by may of sixteen fifty nine, Richard resigned from office. That's when Charles the first son, Charles, the second returned home Charles. The second had fled England shortly after his father's execution. Now, with the help of the governor of Scotland, George monk, Charles reclaimed his birthright and returned home on may twenty ninth sixteen fifty nine Charles. The second was crowned king yet before Charles. The second. Could assume the role of lenient king. He had to clean house though he spared most of Cromwell's supporters, including his son, Richard, Charles, the second executed. Some fifty people on the grounds of regicide. The also demanded something a little extra, the bodies of Oliver Cromwell and his compatriots. Here's where it gets interesting during Charles the seconds attempt to clean house. He ordered all those involved in his father's demise be brought forth for a posthumous execution in January of sixteen sixty. One Oliver Cromwell's grave was raided by royalists searching for his corpse. By this point, he had been buried for about three years. Cromwell had been buried within Westminster Abbey near the Henry. The seventh lady chapel. His corpse had purportedly been hidden within a wall of the middle aisle of the church. Unfortunately, it was found an extreme d- along with the bodies of. John Bradshaw and Henry Airton Cromwell's body was taken to the red lion in in HOGAN on January twenty. Eighth sixteen sixty one two days later on January thirtieth sixteen sixty. One, Cromwell and his dead compatriots were dragged through the streets in an unwieldy sledge cart with open coffins displaying their grotesque decomposing bodies. This was an especially momentous occasion for the royalist as it marked the anniversary of Charles the first death people through food and garbage at the corpses along with obscenities. The three bodies were then taken to the gallows of London where they were hung for all the public to see their bodies were left for hours to rot in the sun until around four o'clock in the afternoon after which they were cut down. The desecration was far from over all three bodies. Were then dismembered at the joints and decapitated their heads were placed on pikes and their bodies tossed into a mass grave. In the town of Tiber, n- the heads were placed atop Westminster Abbey Charles. The second order that Cromwell's head always remain up. There untouched as a reminder to those who would dare oppose the monarch, how gruesome to think after death, your body dragged through the mud and monk, then put on display only to be cut apart and tossed aside, yes, it was truly horrific. This practice of decapitation and pike ING was along practice tradition, heads of the deceased have long been placed on the tops of castles and other major monuments. It was meant as a scare tactic to keep people in line while also displaying Power and conquest. In this case, it was a visible marker of king Charles the seconds return to the throne. And the destruction of Cromwell's Republic believe it or not. The London bridge was one of the main sites used to place severed heads. Some notable people whose heads were piked include Simon Frazier, Thomas more and John Murphy. However, all of Cromwell's head is the only one that ever notably disappeared. Assuming it was Cromwell's head. As this went on rumors began to circulate that the head and body displayed in London weren't actually Oliver Cromwell's.

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