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Well i mean. I guess they came to a couple of mogadishu's when maybe the last time nine inch nails pleading in scotland like i went down and trent lott oba yes can knew each other not super closer. Know each other and then Against the muscle hair. Some of the same track work we done as well and they qena plan. I guess for before the flood was to have a bunch of different people. Wealth three different sets composers of establish onto our of really station. But he did. Dissection trenton accusation. We'd at a section and also. There was a collaboration played one of our songs. We played one of their songs. I think they did the same with gustavo and Yeah i thought it turned out really killed And yeah the the film itself. Really cool really positive message. I guess it was to try and stop people voting for donald trump Maybe for years that site of it wasn't quite as successful but it was cute movie with a good message and and the music's great and yeah just like a as someone who grew up less than nine inch nails Beat involved musical project with with an r s. The you'll actually drew up. Less than two is gonna is amazingly kill was can a thing that could have pension yourself. That actually happens. Yeah i mean how. How was that process like. Were you guys kind of siloed from each other and working on your own projects or were you kind of collaborating back and forth a little bit and you know when i say collaboration the board really happened because we both played each other's music and the collaboration was that they played A piece that we'd written and we played a piece of adrian so obviously like we are in europe and they're in the state. It was all done. Densely also were brought in late into the project so we we had to turn around pretty quickly so it was really really intense. Nicely remember is we. The collaboration element hadn't maybe had been mentioned. Tells burgess he. We hadn't really absorbed built like we just go in the studio one morning and it was like. Oh yeah and we've done one of your songs. We were like holy shit. This is a major like it. It was it was a surprise. As as i remember it and Yeah we we did the same one of there's and yeah it was really good. Relationships continued as well because actually on new records.

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