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I think that they can But in that same token You know they've got to go out there and perform better than they did in game one getting down twenty six to atlanta or we're going to be having a different conversation. They're going to be tougher. They're gonna be more physical than the milwaukee bucks which is something else we were talking about that. I don't think that really helps them out. A whole lot but Billy has you know one of those teams. As to where i really do. Believe that they have the experience in this is that's something that's really not helping atlanta right now Probably the x. Factor being tobias harris for this particular team in which i think. He's kind of in some of those conversations in my opinion similar to electric. Chris middleton i think that he is just that good but making sure that they have the guy's not on the shots as well said curry is obviously a huge part of that on. They look like they're going to be the team to end up advancing past lane. Probably the question is and how many games the lane is missing some pieces to deondraye hundred being the most notable. Wrap it up with sean tait. Nba and covered the atlanta hawks. Last five years. Or let's flip all the cars. The sean who do you see we have to look ahead. Who do you believe will be in the nba finals. And who takes on the lawrence o'brien crown this year. Yep that's phoenix in brooklyn right. Now i don't see anybody stepping in front of brooklyn on beatable by any means. I don't think it's anything that crazy. I don't feel as good about them or anybody in the playoffs. As much as i did the lakers last year around this time But i think that is. That is the phoenix suns. Wouldn't surprise me the least bit to see beat the clippers and the brooklyn nets. But everybody's playing for something and chip on the shoulder. Everybody's does something approved. And between a couple of these teams. We talked about the philadelphia. Seventy sixers The my The milwaukee bucks And the in la clippers those three teams. You gotta spin it for college. Basketball spin on this thing. Much of gonzaga is absolutely crazy. This is people's last time than they're going to either get to a certain point or i'm not dealing with them weather's the trusting processes in philly whether it is everything that you know by going to you know his hometown and new sheriff from you know in town and pg thirteen. There's not gonna be more selling points. They've got to find a way to advance. The beautiful part is not everybody's going to have that chance to do so because you're only having two teams play for the whole thing in the end. I just can't wait to find out who it is. And i would be very happy to see monty williams for all this happened. Here when a class act using the phoenix. You to the promised. Land and chris paul Good point does shawn always a pleasure will catch up to you down the road. We appreciate you staying up tonight. Thanks so much looking forward to it. I'm gonna give me some denny's thanks much there you go the shaun tait. Nba insider the atlanta hawks. For five years you remember to sean. He was with an certainly been on the odd couple..

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