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You by an end collision. A jury today begins deciding the fate of accused drug kingpin, El Chapo, jurors have heard eleven weeks of testimony about Joaquin Guzman's Ryan's to power as the head of the Sinoloa cartel. Prosecutors allege the man known as El Chapo is responsible for smuggling at least two hundred tons of cocaine into the United States and using violence to protect his turf, but the defense claims Guzman's role has been exaggerated by witnesses cooperating with the prosecution in hopes of getting some leniency in their own cases. If convicted the sixty one year old Guzman could spend the rest of his life in prison. I'm Ben Thomas, Virginia Democrat governor Ralph northern is still rejecting calls to resign, his friend. Former democrat congressman Jim Moran says northern has a strong record of public service. I do think it's the right thing to do. And I hate to be on the other side. Of virtually all of my friends on this. But I do disagree with their judgment. Because I think it is a rush to judgment before we know all of the facts, and before we've considered all of the consequences. Northern has been criticized for a photo in his medical school yearbook. It shows one person in a KKK costume another in black face. Some Austin home builders are worried about a costly proposal to deal with flooding. The home builder's association of greater Austin's, David Glenn says, the report has some city officials working to get beefed up drainage and plumbing roles in place, and that could mean trouble for builders already half through construction, though, when you might have thought you needed a ten or fifteen inch pipe, and now they're saying nineteen or twenty inch pipe it can be very expensive to go back. Kathy old pipe put a new so basically it makes a lot of these projects. He's a long term project. Unworkable Glenn says the hba is working to get current construction projects. Grandfathered in to prevent that. John cooley. Newsradio kale colour with Texas Baptist. Texas lawmakers would be wise to avoid allowing sports betting in Texas. If you if you didn't say that when you were getting elected, you didn't tell the people that you're running for office. You're about to do don't come to Austin have some fancy lobbyists convention Bill. Allowing sports betting has been introduced at the legislature. The key to fighting any virus is early detection. Now, a new test is being developed in Texas that could help fight the Zeka virus researcher, Dr Jean Patterson is one of the people working on this new early detection system for Zeka tests will tell you on site that Zico outbreak is occurring will be extremely valuable. So you can do it at point of care. She says it is possible that this same detection method could be used to detect other viruses, including the deadly Ebola virus, Robert Wood, NewsRadio KLBJ. It's eight thirty three. Here's Austin's on time traffic.

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