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Return to acting. It's really hard for me to think of a scenario in which. I would want to go back. I'd love my life now. i feel like it. I had a great career as an actor and for the most part i enjoyed it. You know you can never say never because who knows what's going on with the world but it's it's hard for me to imagine kind of what what would need to happen for me to go back because i just have so many things that that i really love doing right now. It when you're done with acting you head to uva you major in sociology. I wanna say this twenty ten and then you meet the love of your life. And do i have that. Correct is at timeline close. I actually met jeremy in los angeles so we we met in nineteen ninety eight actual on that part of it. Okay yeah so we. We met when i was when i was still an actor. I did a movie called beautician and the beast at that was freshmen. Timothy dalton. Okay okay okay. Yeah and so. There was an actor in that movie who played my boyfriend. He and i got to be friends. And that so i was hanging out with him after the the shoot and met his roommate. Who is now my husband so we have. We have known each other for a very long time so yeah. We actually moved to virginia together via to graduate in twenty tons. That that's right. Yeah how much does that help you. Because you. I mean for those listening. You have a full plate. You have two books. The first of which is called not just the anxiety depression and learning to embrace your weird. The second is called. You look like that girl child actor stops pretending and finally grows up. You also do things with as you mentioned veterans. And i think it's weekly letters and meditation and yoga. I mean is there. I mean i i regret asking you about ever returning to acting because i don't know when in the day you would fit that into your schedule. I said yes like talk about you. Know your approach. Every day must be great. Because you're helping people every single day so say whatever you'd like because it's a pretty amazing life and you're doing some pretty special things. Thank you that that means a lot to me honestly. Yeah so you know. There are many reasons for leaving the film industry but one of them was that my anxiety and depression was just absolutely debilitating an out of control and i realized that i had to really handle that and figure out how to kind of take my my life back because it really was all controlled by by this anxiety depression so i needed to really go on. This amena. Use the word journey which is totally cheesy. But it's true. Like i had to go on this journey of figuring out like how do i cope with these things that i have going on. And so i i. You know i found these tools. That are incredibly effective and helpful this. You know mindfulness therapeutic. Writing yoga breathing exercises meditation. All of these things. That really helped me immensely. And it's not that. I no longer have anxiety but it is manageable and i have these tools to go to when i feel overwhelmed. I just have this entire toolbox now. It's like okay. Here are the things that. I know that i can do to help you know. Keep this attitu- rather than having it go all the way up to like nine point five and so you know all of those things were they saved my life literally like not hyperbole like they saved my life and so you know. What kind of evolved was that. I felt so grateful that i had these things that that could help me so much and then i just felt really selfish not telling other people about them because there were so many other people that i saw struggling with the same things and you know. Maybe they didn't want to go the medication route which i am not anti medication at all. I have literally seen it save lives but it's not always what's good for everybody and it doesn't always need to be that first line of defense so you know for people who wanted to something else for people who felt like nobody else understood that there were no other options for them who may be felt like. They tried everything but they had not tried these things. I felt like i i really wanted to share those because it had done so much for me and i realized that not enough people were were aware that there there were other things that you could do in even if you didn't have you know access to therapist or money to pay for one you know there are things that you can do in your own home without leaving without you know access to other things without paying a lot of money that that can help you to learn how to manage. What are are really really difficult things you know. That's wilson was there a teacher or a mentor mentor. Lisa that you had or was this kind of did you teach yourself a lot of these things. A how do you hone your craft admitted things like meditation and yoga and obviously the other things. But how did you become familiar with all these things. So i'm a dork. Just read everything. I can get my hands on in terms of yoga. I did my yoga teacher. Training at apollo. Which is up in massachusetts. And i had some really incredible teachers up there so that was a really important piece of it for me in terms of how to teach yoga not as an exercise right like not as oh i wanna get super bendy 'cause i wanna put my foot behind my head and you know i i wanna like at the cute yoga right. It's not about. It's.

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