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I everyone and welcome back to it. Happened in Hollywood the penultimate episode. Did I use that word? Yes right okay next to laugh the next to last of this off season two right. We're still waiting on our pickup for season. Three we're hopeful. His fingers crossed South Abramovich ear senior writer at the Hollywood reporter. And I'm chip pope. This is like a couch gag like a simpsons couch gag. I say something that I see something humorous right. Laugh right exactly. It said well how about just this is where we have a couch gag and that will count as like Meta so the couch gag is the is the couch gag. Yeah like on Samson's they'll have a couch gag and then they'll run away and they'll be another couch or something. This is all right fine. We have something truly fantastic in store for you today. We have director Richard Donner a true Hollywood legend director of some of the most beloved movies of all time. The goonies our beloved guineas lethal weapon series. Yeah he did. The whole lethal weapon series. He did the woman. Wow that exorcist adjacent. Yes supernatural Hara and The topic of this week's episode a movie. That is very important to me Superman. The movie from Nineteen Seventy Eight starring Christopher Reeve and Margot kidder slowest lane and Marlon Brando and Gene Hackman. And that Baid and Valerie perrine what it has to be had here. Wow Yeah incredible. Cast and really the First Big Budget Studio Superhero movie. Yes and the kind of broke the mold. I don't know I watch superhero movies now and they just don't hit the tone. The Way Superman movie did right. So we'll have Richard for you right after the theme song on. Okay welcome back.

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