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You don't have any underlining healthy right? Now No. Money. She got. Are! Oh? That'd be there all by yourself. Yeah, I really believe it's the. Killing when they in the hospital. And can't get. No, you can't get no love man. One of my employees Can work talking about. A out around my mom and my mom, and around my Auntie that got it, so I'm like. Often to go home I've had that conversation. And then. And now no, he he really laugh in quarantine, and then I have my other employees like you allow people to being here would alum Lego. Panisse. In and this. Is Retarded I I. Have My mask on I've been telling y'all were y'all mass so now there's repercussions guy face. But he came back. Being comedy for a minute. Ospina. Crazy past. X. About this. We? Live in front area bypass. Doing. Ray did a show in Texas. Texas so some state Texas Arizona. Alabama the Texas is also like a hot spot right now. He did show in Dallas Atlanta Open Up. And my mom says she was a baby. She was like nobody has she says nobody would math out there. She didn't know mass mom had a mass. My Mom Matori she's Tori tickers off like the top like I seen her in pictures. With no asteroid. Yeah. Man I seen your quarantine Masahiro. Masa DC fly no mass. Gossiping You MOM and Daddy? Would no mass cutting. My Mama knows stores. You with that being a groupie. pitchers She's a girl. We talking about her. She! DidN'T WANNA talk to no regular? Do I just Ross. Most people work. That's the whole point. That's why everybody was mad at her to. In her book like. About that. We talked about her. Being on a do are. Backlash because she wrote a book, and then it comes to find. The people they know they find they. They find it. They come. The Internet is like detectives. So, they found it was like Plageri- like it. was somebody else's stuff or something. Because you know these books, they don't really be right in the books. They have Akito. Young man be simone like when I see her I instagram post houses like I can't. With everything I've seen since man from her I. Just be like he just too much for me. So. Put Her name on it. Again. Like. WHO's pretty be. She's I can take her. Burden! Of. Black woman is just. Sometimes but. Maybe. That's what I feel like. The other one is just more like. That's what she just heck a funny to me. Sometimes the things she'd be doing, so she'd be dancing. Baby boy's be Simone. The other girl is yeah. It was I mean we ads me Yeah. Talking about how she'd be dancing. CVC with, Pink. Born. CV having some funny moments you call Jeff with the messed. She actually was plenty I of what they're to hate. Understand up, but although she. Thought. Her stand was terrible rash. She got better. Bro Hulk because. I was. Seen her. Zozo hysteria justice. Yeah, so you just. Larry is like last year like around September. She was cool. She was funnier than I like also. But I guess you know when you've been doing it every weekend. She torn. You Ain't GonNa get better. That's probably when she first started. Could I realized when I seen her. allstate was like all of her idea. Videos is edited. Is Easy to be funny when you when you when you edit. For fifteen seconds or the? Pulse to a whole hour. It's like wait a minute you. I G funny. All the ladies what can be funny for fifteen seconds. One time he was like. Oh, no, I've been doing good because I made it through a whole commercial break and I was like two minutes. Two minutes is a long time. About two minutes, goosen. Bomb to. That's what I'm saying he. was like y'all. I know because you know I've been exercising. You ever do a commercial break worth the. Commercial. Commercial. Break give mighty loan. We'd do a burpee. Whole talk. Well Wow!.

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