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It's interesting when it's more like okay. The person st that. I'm gonna put the aid away at an e flat in them to drop it to an f. Having you know the fruity loops have the same note for the eight. Oh wait that's what is kinda like born again. Not interesting but i think if you change the pitch and it'll wait you could definitely make something that's like similarly as interesting as authentic baseline agreed. Yeah a lot of our favorite nineties hip hop songs. The bases way out of key dude. You're it's pretty interesting. Let's talk about lowlights highlights. What did you guys live about this album. What did you guys dislike about. The album I really enjoy Sunk freedom towards the end of the album Definitely a highlight for me. I think overall highlights would just her spread of She was each with different than the out than the next one. I think you know the country americana song was if i kind of didn't sink into didn't sit well with me just because i was like. Oh this strong air but the second and third time they listen to actually move comes on. What about did you like did you. Did you feel that. It was like not authentic. No i well. I just kind of like. I don't like Biting into something Like sour. And you're like whoa. Then you like they'll actually. I really liked sour candy next. This is really good. You know so but like it was just the initial shock of it was like Just a so out of the ordinary The first time around and you know it's just weird. Rice dislike the jack. White song is definitely not a not You know traditional. I guess i don't know not that. I really know beyond as music that will but it's not as it's not poppies boom radio hit or maybe it is but to me. It sounded like it would be eilon. Jack jack music really scare me at least But it's like it's like jumping into an ice ice bath but No i sorry. So the old vic. The high point of the album is really the real intimate personal story and the way that she broke it up and how it was delivered from intuition to denial to anger you know even the The song hold up. it's like i believe. That's the denial saw it. Just the way that the music Counter to the video where. She's destroying shit at least the music smithfield like. She's kind of like whoa hold on wait. What hasn't fully sunk in yet because it actually has like an uplifting like quality tour appearance you know what i mean and then all of a sudden she gets fucking angry on sorry like really angry and it's all just natural reactions like easy to follow along follow along You know it's just. I don't know compared to the first star wars movie A new hope. Imagine if george. Lucas got his way and had luke. Skywalker was some alien in most of these characters. Were aliens that had like more multiple arms and legs.

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