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A big fan and I grew up watching can be so when we said was going to go up with this plan on trying to come to one of the restaurant the search continues for the man who shot another man inside old lady how old lady gang to that's the name of the restaurant to innocent bystanders were also shot all three victims are expected to be okay a reward is being offered in an attack on an eighty year old woman and her sixteen year old daughter at a grocery store in Forest Park Mary Gardner tells channel to a man knocked her offer scooter slander to the ground as she was in the checkout line and I can see I live it in the car and I ET minut bag any suspect then allegedly punched her daughter in the face the store manager help to stop the attack but the suspect took off Clayton county sheriff Victor hill says he's putting up twenty five hundred dollars of his own money to help capture that suspect who allegedly got violent because he thought the eighty year old woman was trying to cut in line coronavirus update now France's health minister saying that the first coronavirus death in Europe has been announced now in France an eight year old Chinese tourist China reporting one hundred forty three new virus deaths and a dip in new cases the US says Americans aboard a quarantine ship off Japan will be flown back home on a chartered flight Sunday but that they will face another two week quarantine and good news for Stacey Abrams W. S. B.'s Charlie o'brien reports a judge has ruled and Abrams favored it denies the state ethics commission subpoena for more documents on her twenty eighteen gubernatorial campaign Fulton County Superior Court judge James Bahraich says she doesn't have authority to enforce the subpoena Abrams campaign is under investigation for illegal coordination with non profits Charlie o'brien ninety five point five double your best speed W. once the news time two thirty two before you.

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