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Colossus who strode the southern african political landscape as the anc deep our revolutionary panel insult each of this great icon of liberation struggle and short time later the south african president central ramaphosa added his praise for winnie mandela she's fondly remembered as a very gallant and brave person and international arena she's also greatly remembered by many people in on parted movement because she was the beacon that many people in the international world looked forward to and she was one of those who knew that apartheid would be defeated winnie mandela's grandson is wanda mandela clan mother troll one of us has sich in this room and to the global society says it's a tragic loss toss also i send condolences to everyone to all that love and support to the mom winnie mandela and the family she became an international symbol of resistance to a party when her husband nelson mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment but she was also a controversial figure winnie mandela was convicted of kidnapping young activist stampede mackenzie who was later found dead and she also faced of corruption now south africa correspondent andrew harding looks back at the life of winnie mandela she was young politically active and ambitious but winning ezell zealous world was transformed in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven when she met and soon married nelson mandela he was a lawyer already active in the underground struggle against racial apartheid and soon to be sentenced to life in prison.

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