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Reopen tomorrow doctors in California will begin scheduling nonessential surgeries governor Gavin Newsom we are in a position to begin to pull back and lean in by beginning to schedule surgeries once again throughout not only our hospital system but our broader health care delivery system the house is expected to approve a new relief bill today to help small businesses minority leader Kevin McCarthy we got some real challenges out there but as I said there's a more than a hundred and fifty billion dollars still brings out set on it's going to go out to the states by the twenty fourth so there's more money going to the states right now CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez you're listening to news radio nine fifty W. W. JT is time is six thirty two Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer says she will likely extend her stay at home order beyond April thirtieth even if she relaxes restrictions to re open parts of the economy the governor says she hopes to talk more tomorrow about loosening the rules she also said there will be fun some form of a stay at home order in effect for a long time she said people who are especially vulnerable people with COPD people who are over the age of sixty five she says are going to have to continue to stay at home her administration notified state employees of temporary layoffs necessitated by drop in tax revenues due to the pandemic the status for allowing twenty nine hundred or about six percent of its roughly forty eight thousand workers for two weeks to save about five million dollars as many other local governments are in Oakland county is bracing for a major budget shortfalls at the corona virus outbreak continues Oakland county executive Dave Coulter warned county commissioners yesterday that deeper cuts could be on the way following the passage of an almost seventeen million dollar you merge into fun package to purchase covert nineteen tests and personal protection equipment should we start re opening American businesses and the economy and society now where should we wait The New York Times says that question is not only dividing the nation but it's dividing families former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel says it's unthinkable to keep most of the country closed until the virus is under control he says there's nothing you can do that is risk free he says the public understands that life comes with peril his brother Dr Ezekiel Emanuel says the pandemic is too much of a threat to rush back to life as usual the labor department will be releasing the weekly unemployment report at eight thirty this morning last week five point five point two million people applied for unemployment benefits CBS news business analyst Jill Schlesinger says economists expect three to five million people will file which could mean twenty five million people will be looking for jobs some people are wondering what it's going to mean when the massive influx of unemployed people try to actually find a job at the worst of the Great Recession there were six and a half unemployed job seekers for every job opening that number could be at least ten unemployed jobseekers this time around locally will have the latest Michigan numbers as they become available since the corona virus outbreak began more than one million people statewide across Michigan have filed first time jobless claims the U. S. house scheduled a vote this morning on an interim corona virus released a fail hundred eighty billion dollar package includes more money for the paycheck protection programs state and local governments and health care first responders house minority leader Kevin McCarthy we have provided more than five hundred billion dollars.

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