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Listen guys coming back a bad calf injury as you know, and I think he's going to be okay tonight. What is his numbers number 17 of 31 144 yards. That's not a bad first day for a guy who's been injured Stafford's 8 of 1506 yards. So he's thrown it 31 times in the first half. Yeah. Yeah, no running game there. They're not running the ball at all tonight. Let's see. Let's get over to some Scott. Well, a couple of stories very serious story. I don't know if you guys heard this one from early this morning steel is plane makes emergency landing in Kansas City. The Pittsburgh Steelers Charter from playing from Las Vegas made an emergency landing in Kansas City, Missouri early Monday morning. A Steelers spokesperson posted on social media that everyone on the plane is safe and that the team is making necessary plans to arrive back in Pittsburgh later today. This is from earlier today. Obviously multiple Pittsburgh media Atlas reported that the plane landed at KCI Airport at 3 55 a.m. Central time because of oil pressure failure in one of the engines fire trucks were at the scene inspecting the Airbus at a 330 900 according to Pittsburgh. CBS affiliate KD Ka which had a news crew aboard the plane. The Steelers were returning to Pittsburgh after the Sunday night 23 18 victory over there. It is Steelers veteran defensive lineman Cam Hayward quiped on social media platform X that the emergency landing was a result of a roughing the pass a call on teammate Minka Fitzpatrick, but however flight was okay. They ended up, you know getting rerouted and fluent back to Pittsburgh on a different plane. But wow, that was a really scary moment. Speaking of Kansas City Taylor Swift shows up at Chiefs game to root for Travis Kelce amid dating with I think that room might have started here on the show Rick, but poor boy of Breitbart pop sensation Taylor Swift appeared at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday in full Kansas City Chiefs swag as she rooted for the home team. Amid dating rumors between her and Travis Kelce. She sat next to the mom and had a good old time boy. She jumped was jumping up and down when Travis says scored that touchdown and a lot of fun going on back and forth big day. We'll see where that goes probably nowhere, but they were doing tooling around a little bit Aaron was filling me in. There was a little more story there. They were tooling around in a really nice classic call after the game. So who knows riveting stories everybody thinks they're popular until you start spending some time with her. He's going to find out that he is a no one compared to what she has to deal with on a deal. Did you see what was going on at that Stadium? Well, but her in the suite what was going on outside the suite. They had like armed ruckus. I mean, it was crazy how they had to try to get her out of there. I mean really you think you're popular until you spend time with her and you go. I don't think I'm really that popular looking for a blank space if that was me. Yeah, because men. Oh, man, they said they say the viewership of Kansas City football games from now to the end of the year as long as she's involved with him. Oh, yeah are going to be I mean, they're going to bring a whole new audience of people who have no interest had no interest in football till yesterday. Well, the great Tony Romo back when they were Jessica Simpson. There was a big rage there for a little bit that really shot the ratings and that she's a has-been and well, he's doing okay. He's making quick 17 million doing a three-hour gig. On us on a Sunday. Not bad. Anyway, big D. That's a rapid sports back to you. All right, so look Rick very good. Let's do some news and here with the news is Rick Delgado. What's going on real quick. Did you hear what a what Pat Patrick Mahomes had to say after that as well after the game? He felt the pressure of having to make sure he got well, Aaron Andrews said that you know the pressure that you had to get him a touchdown. Well, yeah, I heard that she was coming to the game. So I thought that was kind of that Mahomes. He's great. I love that guy. What a great kid and a great player. She's pretty out there on the left side of town. I mean, she was she was ran actively ran against Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee. There's that famous somewhat famous video out there of her and her parents discussing her wanting to come out and say, I mean, obviously she's not a Trump supporter. She's not a she's way out there on the left side of town. I mean, I don't know whatever you think your music is fine, but I mean, I don't know that I get that. Yeah, I just don't know if I get the what is all the Hubba Baloo about this girl and she's pushing the vote.org and VRD get out to vote. She's that's a big thing. She's a spokesperson with that. Yeah, get out the vote. So we'll see new president coming. Oh boy. Of course, the Jets came out with Ukraine flags on their hat yesterday too. So you I mean, we all kind of know where all of these people. I mean, where they all kind of stand. Well, it seems a bomb. That's for sure. Yeah, that's for sure is right. Maybe they should go play there. Yeah, exactly. I mean, you can find that missing F45 or a quarterback. Yeah, they're probably both missing. All right. What else is going on? Rick? All right. Republicans unveiling the witness list for the first impeachment hearing that we talked about a little bit earlier tonight. Here are some of the names that they're featuring. They're going to be featuring three witnesses, including George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, former assistant attorney general and U.S. Department of Justice. Tax Division Eileen O'Connor and forensic accountant Bruce Dubinsky have been announced so far for the committee that's going to be starting later this week. So we'll look forward to that. Jonathan Turley, huh? Yeah, it's interesting. Be interested to see what they're asking him about top Republican donors, believe it or not, are shopping for a candidate not named Donald Trump. Well, they had high hopes that Ron DeSantis would be their savior. That doesn't seem to be the case, according to this from Yahoo News, as big GOP donors hoping for an alternative to Trump are now giving up, they say.

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