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Combined. Dot com. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo yo yo yo what's up? Everybody back with another one. Yes. Just Mikey Garcia and Danny Garcia. Rumors are saying they are in the works for August. Thirty first. I'm a little bit excited. For monkeys staying at one forty seven Dan come impressive knockout of a Granado. So Yemen makes sense man, then Garcia, hopefully, the the winter can possibly challenge for another wartime. So what was your immediate reaction? I mean, I know you asleep when the news came cross. But once you've seen a pre pro, and you see all those tweets or did you catch live about two hours ago? I think this news broke maybe two to four hours ago. I don't know. I woke up in your question, Margaret, I might scroll up and he put it back into check for me. I mean, I just makes sense. I if you've got five minute back. Yeah. You got shit on Puerto fighting fighting Earls parents the most Mike you stand at one forty seven. I mean, that's the biggest fight for Mikey in dating right now says the other guys are busy. So I think a good fight for a for Danny? I I don't know how much more competitive that is going to be. I think as a big puncher at one forty seven. I Danny does a lot of things in the way monkey Garcia Feis is not like a a mover like that. So. This could be playing right in Danny's wheels. And that's what I'm saying. Like ace IB side. Who is it is isn't Mikey since this fight has happened in staple center, or Danny because he's been fighting in LA for a few times, he wants WBZ from Robert Guerrero in LA, he just for Granados, en LA. And now, he's fighting Mikey leg. Or is it Mikey? Who's just coming off a pay per view. It is LA hometown fight. It's back on pay per view. I mean, if you listen to lens puck mine who says, and I quote from his Twitter the person most pressing for the Mikey Garcia versus Danny Garcia fight. I mentioned by Michael carpenter is Mikey himself with L Hayman trying to secure a late summer day at Staples Center. Now, that's interesting to me..

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