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News on WTMJ. Alice Cooper school, the Garth and Wayne on Milwaukee back in the Wayne's world as so do you come to Milwaukee often? Well, I'm a regular visitor here. But Milwaukee Milwaukee's certainly had its share visitors. The French missionaries and explorers were coming here. As early as the late sixteen hundreds to trade with the native Americans. In fact, isn't Milwaukee in engineering ESPN is actually pronounced mealy. Okay. Which is L Gakuen for the good land. I was not aware of that. I think one of the most interesting aspects of Milwaukee is the fact that it's the only major American city to have ever elected three socialist mayors, your tone, socialist party or what sorry about that are tone socialist past is one of the many morning aftertaste, you're gonna find if you Google searched the place in the wake of the DNC's decision yesterday to hold its twenty twenty convention here in Milwaukee, the first half of the twentieth century, Milwaukee's a bastion of socialism to the point where candidates in other towns, actually ran on a. Platform of Milwaukee is in their communities flash forward to yesterday, which found the state Republican party issuing what the Washington Post is saying amounted to a warning that liberals are trying to Milwaukee is America, Wisconsin, GOP, Hedmark Jefferson. Putting out a statement that said, quote, no city in America has stronger ties to socialism than Milwaukee it with the rise of Bernie Sanders in the embrace of socialism by its newest leaders. The American left is come full circle. It's only fitting the Democrats would come to Milwaukee end of quote post goes on to note that none other than local historian, John Gerda. For clarity grew seeing. The today's Republicans in the city's three socialist mayors would have very different definitions of just what socialism is Greta says, our brand was seen as a group of good government reformers who cleaned up local corruption carrying the flag of reform in reaction to the miscreants in office at the time is he deemed them in the early nineteen hundreds infected Milwaukee administration fees two hundred seventy six grand jury indictment. Good says, the socialist got stuff done using Republican ideas, low, Texas, no public debt as you go governance. They built parks schools. The city's public water system that earned them, the nickname, sewer, socialists. A group that got its start with a protest in eighteen eighty six over an eight hour workday. They were dead elect Aimal sidled twenty five years later to the mayor's office along with the socialist majority of the common council Saito credited with creating the city's first DPW fire in police commissions city parks, all while shutting down the brothels that flourished in Milwaukee under his predecessor mayor David all the time. Rosie rose the bridge that a lot of us drive over from Bayview to downtown and Beck each day. That's the Hornets named after the city's second socialist mayor Daniel horn, he was Milwaukee's longest serving executive twenty four years until Henry Meyer beat his record during his time in office, the instituted public housing a water purification plant sewage system street lights, the last socialist mayor was Frank sailor succeeding, his brother Carl. Who died in World War Two? So either one here even as Republican Joe McCarthy was winning out state Senate seats as Republican now to mean feed is conservatives back then we're trying to equate socialists with communism, even his either and other Milwaukee socialists were anti read the post points out by the by the Wisconsin Republicans held their twenty eighteen state convention in Milwaukee is pronounced mealy. Okay. Which is for the good land. Eight twenty six. Could feed is next. But first breaking news on the sports front. Doug. Russell has breaking news from Green Bay the Packers who were quiet yesterday on the free agency front while they have struck this morning, and they've struck pretty big relatively speaking areas. Smith linebacker who had been with the Baltimore Ravens listed as the number thirteen overall free agent by the free agent tracker from CBS sports dot com. He has come to terms reportedly with the Packers. So that's at a position of need. And they weren't done also Adrian Amos and they're not only plucking Adrian ammos from another team there. Plucking him from the Chicago Bears to come over and play a strong safety for Green Bay Amos listed as the fifteenth best free agent in the market so far this offseason. So two huge lashes made by Brian who again, I mean, we've been talking about is are they going to make any moves are they gonna make any moves because yesterday like Trey flowers goes to Detroit. And Landon Collins who would have been a great fit and Green Bay. Well, he goes from the giants to the Redskins. But the Packers do make a couple of what should be pretty significant moves in scenarios Smith and Adrian Amos coming over from the ravens bears respectively to help bolster might patents defense or throughout the day..

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