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Found it you the minute. You label anything. You're done exploring it or examining entered being curious about it. You're that's what that is and we do. Have i do it every day. Still you know all the time we all do it. We just said there that yeah. I know what that is not interested and were wrong so often you know because just sort of see a headline or see something and then we box it and be done with it and I didn't i found that limiting. But you know all. That's what writing the book did for me was helped me to realize you know what the broad has become now all these years and decades later so i that we're still talking about it's ludicrous. And yet it's come to be this affectionately. Iconic term for generation of people about their recalled youth. it's not even about. I'm an avatar of people's youth. Now in a certain way they they they hear the brat. Pack nego- oh yeah remember man when we were in school and we went to those part and they're thinking and already they're talking about themselves. They're not even talking about movies. And that's what that. The broad pack is grown to become as that kind of touchstone for generation of people for that moment in youth when people are just coming into their own lives and stepping out and discovering who they are and there's no more exciting moment in life you know and so much of your career is sort of your own use captured in this battle and you talk about just the freshness and the nascent see in the discovery that you were able to sort of have a record of as a young actor you got the you know the the bad phases too but But for sure. I mean there is. I do talk about that in the book series. That moment when it's so attractive and people when they're just blossoming. It's like a flower that's opening up. You just stop and go. My god look at that rose. It's it is beautiful. When it's something is blossoming and there are scores of examples of people through the decades. You know james. Dean in east of eden is blossoming onscreen. Leonardo dicaprio in who's didn't greatest blooming onscreen and just like. Oh my god. They're wondrous and then. I'm talking about the acting. The acting happened to be very good those cases but it's more equality than skill said so and that capturing that and that's what i certainly had in my version of that in like pretty in pink almost fire and so that's what people respond to think about me. I i mean i might i might cringe a little bit some of the acting that i did. But the certainly that quality of of awakening that is attractive. What i think is also attractive about that. Area of your career is that you seem to be an acknowledgement of your romantic co star in the same way that you experience the wonder of watching yourself having this discovery you as an actor are so gifted at reacting to the object of your characters affection the way you look at her the way you fall in love on screen that i wonder if that's sort of part of it as well well. I like women so easy to fall into. Sometimes you know you can just fall in that thing and and we've all been there you know so you just sort of opened a floodgate a little bit and people project upon you but did you set out to make us all fall in love with you. Because it's not fair. This how you look at molly ringwald or even cottrell and mannequin. And you just had this sense of you know you're a little self deprecating about you. Know about your looks and your commented about rob lowe's but i think your status of a dream boat which i'm you're kind of like ambiguous about has so much more objectify me. He's exploiting clues. But i wonder if you see in your acting and obviously you cringe but just how beautiful you take in your partner. And i think as a girl growing up with your movies and falling in love with you as i had no choice but to do so much of that has to do with your regard for your partner. I don't know if there was some method in it like you really in love with molly ringwald. Even when you were an onscreen i was not in love with molly but i think one of the things about being in love is that you're interested in the other person and one of the things about could acting as you're actively listening and you're actively interested in you you you and it's like you want to drink someone up and i mean i i understood that and i understood what being in love is that i just the more baskin you wallow in you the better i feel so i'm just gonna keep wallowing in you. You know and i think i understood that and love stuff is unspoken. So it's just it is looks and things so turn on the turn on the air conditioning over here but i mean everyone wants to be seen and heard that just that everyone universally whether and when you direct your gaze and your full attention it someone. I remember meeting the actress. Linda hunt once years ago. Is it gonna do movie with her. And she took my hand and said hello to me as the only person in the room like i. She'd been waiting to meet me for years and she had no idea who i was. I had her full attention for the miniature grabbed my hand and set her nice. It was to meet me. And i was putty in her hands for the whole film. Because of that instant you know. So i think when we really stop and get over ourselves in turn our gaze out particularly that age the as is so often and and for some of us it never turns out but when we turn that gays out. It's you know it's powerful even more with andrew mccarthy still to come stay with us. It's bullseye for maximum fund dot org and npr. 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