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Y. Milnes Pershing and head of prime services explains in today's environment of market volatility Persians prime services is well positioned to support the needs of hedge funds and other alternative investment managers whether it's customized financing or securities lending solutions platform access for business expansion B. Y. millones Persian is a prime broker who's committed to this business and agile enough to meet your evolving demands Pershing helps to solve the needs of clients by advocating for them providing unwavering stream deep supply an award winning service it is at the core of everything we do find out what sets Persians prime group which team apart learn more about the unique and industry leading solutions for hedge funds and other alternative managers offered by BNY Mellon Spurgeon visit our website at Pershing dot com Pershing LLC member FINRA NYSE SIPC pick today fixed income demands more than a fixed approach it means staying ahead of the ever changing markets making the most of traditional strategies but also looking beyond not just finding opportunities for investors but creating them we didn't invent fixed income but we've reinvented every day all investments contain rescue may lose value investing in the bond market is subject to risks consult your investment professional prior to making an investment decision connecting decision makers to a network of news and financial information twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than a hundred twenty countries the now a global.

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