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This is the watchdog on wall street welcome back it is the watchdog on wall street the the list of professional athletes that have been off and scammed by stockbrokers that the major firms it just gets longer and longer and longer and again i harness hey let me put this terms of animal planet shall we when you watch animal planet and you're out there on the seren getty and the lions are out hunting hoodoo lines go after lions go after the weaker parts of the herd smart it's mart are easier to catch they are easier to catch that's who the lot of the lions go after them in many respects that's why a lot of these athletes and actors and actresses and whatnot this is why they constantly get ripped off many of them aren't trained ropley it's easy to push their various different greed buttons and take advantage of them and that's what happens and case in point you watch that television show on hbo ballers were dwayne the rock johnson and the show weighing the rock johnson cares about his clients but it's funny to watch how they go about obtaining their clients stripper parties with drugs and all of this stuff but you don't think that that's what really happens because it does that's what really goes on we've reported on various different con artists brokers and financial planners down in southeast actually owning clubs using clubs to recruit people the shady shady business latest victim we just learned about was kwame brown use the first pick in the draft back in two thousand one and yeah in fact the merrill lynch guys that worked with him forged documents on various different pieces of paper completely mismanaged his money millions and millions of dollars are gone millions of dollars gone he wanted his money in very safe investments yep berlin chad the other plants and at other plan was to what surena them and burnham not a quick story on merrill lynch i wanted to get to as well they're changing their pay structure or you people out there that have merrill lynch accounts well this is what's.

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