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Ever will the brand was going to be really important to us as i looked at the charitable sector i didn't see that nike the apple the virgin and i remember coming across this quote by nick kristof in the new york times and he said toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication than all of the world's lifesaving causes i thought wow that is true and that is so busted so a lot of interesting i remember early on we shot people rich people in new york city and the same exact positions juxtapose with people we were trying to serve just posing the question what if your mom had to get water from swamp with bone inherent as it came down from a gully one of your children had to walk to school every day with school uniforms on with forty pounds of contaminated water on their back and people working in finance coming up to central park lake central pun we took him up there imagine if your lunch break and your brioni suit you've got to go get nasty water one of our first psa's actually was was a fun story we got terry george who directed to hotel rwanda to donate his time and jennifer connelly and her children and we walked them up in a thirty second piece to central park jennifer connelly gets her kids this nasty water and then she goes back in this beautiful tribeca loft and she gives her kid the only water that there is and you see this putrid water and the kids looking at it and it cuts at the end imagine drinking one billion people do you're fortunate in the early days to have support from sean parker and jack dorsey and daniel eck who's the founder of spotify how did the tech community become your friend was there one or two people that really was the turn key for that.

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