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Down course also got a problem people to complain about the heat now I rode in a bus that when I was in the hit band Rio the eighties band Rio which was saying after a Duran Duran song and I'm still embarrassed about that but they don your dumb **** that is the fact the I did ride in a school bus Rio had a bus yeah it was a school bus name Rhonda which was named after the girlfriends not a nice thing about Ron we rode all over the country was run in Los I never saw around they'd broken up but I think he he he loved her so much yeah he was willing to name a bus after that's a lot of love that's love I don't know if they actually got back together not but yeah wrote in that bus all over the country with no AC well by choice and I made you might if you made a choice I did make a choice yeah I did make a choice some of these kids may not have a choice but it was worth it for the kind of fame that I got playing in that band almost but yeah in this day and time is kind of ridiculous that school bus would not be I have no why you buy a box of media yeah if the a ISD is buying on air conditioned buses I don't make sense right now not now yeah I'm always improbable claim about the heat in Texas so hot out there dogs Texas it's August is Texas is not complain about yes it's Texas right get insights how it works here and we survive it we stake bulls name Abbas again brawled how many guys road runner there were five of all right eighteen traffic here's my Rachel Marissa good morning Rachel couple racks to report to one is that six twenty and Lee creek parkway the other one old highway two ninety and blue bluff road south and I thirty five and Williamson County.

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