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Has never mattered more When you have an infectious to these emergency like that, you really need to jump in action. Having a trusted news source is essentially should expect increased the number of cases diagnosed here, but that's completely expected as we get better. We are here for you all news all the time. Right here on KCBS. Coming up on KCBS. The clock ticks toward school time in California school district. They're still struggling to find the right approach. I'll discuss this with KCBS and Chronicle insider film a tear in five minutes. By now, Steve bicker with our 7 45 Sports update. Yes, stand another big week for Cal's Colin Mori cow winning the workday Charity Open outside Columbus yesterday, had 19 under in a playoff with Justin Thomas Morikawa came back from down three shots with three holes to go, stayed alive on the first play awful with a 24 foot birdie putt. After Thomas nailed a 50 footer, his second wind and his 1st 24 PGA Tour starts. He missed the cut for the first time last month and took a week off. Lost in a playoff to Daniel Berger at the Charles Schwab Challenge a month ago, obviously was that it was a tough loss of colonial a month ago, but I learned a lot. I learned a lot from last week week and 1/2 ago. Travelers after my miss cut So you know, this is just more positives, more learning for me and you know, I got to go back to okay. What? What did I do? Great. What did I do wrong in this week? What can I get better move on the next week and make a lot of birdies is Morikawa surpassing his own expectations. I didn't expect myself to do all this. I just singles for myself, and I had These things that I wanted to accomplish last summer was all about earning status getting on the PGA Tour doing something this year. You know, we set new goals set new goals with my coach is at the beginning of the year to kind of look back at what we did Great last year. This is going to be my first full season this year. And what you know we can do so you know, it's no, It's not a surprise. It's just, you know, a lot of belief in myself that I could do this. Morikawa won't have to go anywhere for his next tournament. The PGA.

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