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Of tailor a good first half twelve series for one hundred forty nine yards and a touchdown certainly are valery cloud with seven of nine for signing three with one touch down in one kick worldwide the civil are the quarterback for purdue nine of seventeen for seventy eight in this game no scores seventeen kicks badgers early third quarter by thank you very much brousseau wisconsin on top by eleven northwestern in maryland has been a close let's check in with gregg heist i'll close shabit a really northwestern with the big secondquarter rich and they scored twenty one points in that quarter and now of a 24 fourteen lead over the terrapins were just about ready to start the third quarter as uh clayton thorson their quarterback uh winds up with an eighteen yard a touchdown run this after maryland and taken a fourteen to ten lead to that but the wildcats up three than right before the have twenty four seconds to go it was sorensen hitting uh a flynn nagel uh from fourteen yards out in the touchdown uh in in mac serb potent schneider from maryland he has a couple of uh touchdown passes in this game game both the dj more twelve and fifty two yards out and uh in the game right now he is nine of 1600 and thirteen yards eighteen of thirty three for 202 for thorson uh but the the big story is the total yards in this game three twenty seven to one forty four in favor of northwestern they dominated the second quarter and have a twenty 414 lead as we get ready to start the second half thank you very much craig highest in college park also a good one today is navy and memphis let's get more ride now from philip dean to complete talk of auckland's are going on the first happened netflix wayne the passing game with a hundred seven yard maybe is dominating the rushing game right now through their string with a hundred five rushing yards are said after meeting of bill go with 133 left remaining in the second order members will get another chance opportunities for its navy back at an abbey would tumble in by the navy twenty seven yardline recovery will be made by often called this would probably passionate second at the time the game at and and.

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