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Ordered her held without bond while they're case progressed. After spending twenty three days in jail Ruis was sentenced to three years probation less than a month later in January nineteen eighty-four thirty year old Rosie. Ruiz was back in a courtroom is time to get married. Her husband boss was a Colombian immigrant. Who arrived in Miami less than a year before with cocaine dealing career over? We went out looking for another job. Ironically she was hired by the better business bureau as an accreditation specialist this time she promised herself not to take any shortcuts whenever her coworkers asked about the marathon. He's always denied that she was the same. Rosie Ruiz who cheated her way to victory. She wanted to put the mistakes of her past as far behind her as possible. There was one exception to this self imposed secrecy in February of Nineteen eighty-four release discovered that Jacqueline Gero was coming to Miami to run a ten K the Orange Bowl and release couldn't help herself. Rosie Ruiz in Jacqueline Garo had been side by side and all the media coverage of the marathon controversy but had never spoken face to face. Ruis wanted to finally meet the woman. She cheated when we come back Ruis. We's meets Jacqueline Gero now. Back to the story by early. Nineteen eighty-four thirty year old Rosie. Ruiz was on a path to redemption. She was out of jail at a new job and it just got married. She was ready to put the past behind her achieve. Wanted one last piece of closure. She wanted to meet the woman. She cheated out the Boston Marathon. Win In nineteen eighty release went to the Orange Bowl in Miami on the day of a ten K race and found Jacqueline Gero stretching by the starting line as approached with a friendly smile and introduced herself. Kenro did not return visas friendliness. Instead she bluntly asked Ruis y she cheated in Boston. It had been over three years but the wound was still fresh. Caro- wanted answers. Rees had no interest in telling the truth. She repeated what she'd always said. She didn't cheat she ran the whole race. She'd won legitimately and she planned to run it again. I was surprised and insulted by releases continued dishonesty and lack of remorse so she abruptly ended. The conversation shook her head and walked away like Jacqueline Gero. The sport of long distance running couldn't so easily move past the story of Rosie Ruis. The release scandal was in the words of one runner. The end of the Sports Age of innocence the beloved public aspect of marathons the fact that a world famous athlete. Jacqueline Gero ran on the same. Course at the same time as an amateur like Rosie vs was now considered a flaw in the system in the years after Rosie releases win in New York and Boston Marathons added significant new security measures more checkpoints more cameras and more scrutiny. On each every runner some marathons split runners into two separate races. One with elite competitive runners and won with amateurs eventually races also began inserting tracking chips in the runner shoes. To make sure that no one could ever again all a rosy ruis there were also however positive consequences of actions as she predicted the nonstop news coverage of the controversy made many people pay attention to women's running for the first time releases tainted victory may have been a loss of innocence for the sport but it also put it on the cultural map in a way that little else could female participation in the Boston marathon nearly doubled in the two years after his win in nineteen eighty four for the Summer Games in Los Angeles. The Olympics added a women's marathon event for the first time in its history. Jacqueline Garo competed for Canada but didn't finish due to an injury in the midst of all this change that she helped create rosie. Ruiz stayed quiet in Florida. Happy to remain out.

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