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I love okay. Cool so i just found a guy who was straight. And who was preaching loving christ and i was like. Hey why don't you. And i to or through the deep south and we'll try to get you know. Religious people engaged people. Sometimes we'll do two things number one will give my friends who did grow up with religion. Something that feels safe to them and a lot of this was guilt that gay marriage had passed in new york state. Like make no mistake. There is also something in me. That like i had rights that people i grew up with didn't have right. I could you know before it was a federal thing and so that's what we did. I call jay i. I actually tweeted him. And i was like i like to cut your your gibb in. And we went back and forth a bit and we just both flew to dallas and got into a van together as strangers and started going through the deep south and brought in opening comic and then like a musical act so basically the idea was. We don't play any churches. We don't play if we can help it. There were definitely places in the south. That wouldn't have us except if we were a gay bar if we were in a gay space so that was a whole interesting thing. There were definitely gay spaces who thought it was at trick or like. Is this a bait and switch like you're not going to come in here and you know be demeaning to queer people like no where a show that has a christian aspect and has a queer aspect and when he he would literally preach jesus christ and i would tell dirty lesbian fisting jokes and light at some point. Everyone wasn't comfortable at some point in the show. Which is really bonding affect on a room. And that's what we did. We did that for like four or five years in pandemic we've rolled it into a podcast and then pandemic now we haven't ran out of producing juice troops elite putting the whole thing together and like it just became became a lot to to manage and if i remember correctly so when when jake came out like that was kind of a big. Oh he's not he's straight don't they have a gay son no are maybe that i just think he was gay. You thought he was gay because he hit out. He does feel a little gay. He's he's he feels little gay. But here's the thing. He came out as gay affirming racer. They did a documentary about him. One punk under god. That's where i learned of him and he like in his church was like it's wrong to be against gay people okay. Is there another evangelical who had a gay son. That came out that i'm getting confused with. Maybe everyone thinks that he's gay and one of the best things he said to me. He was like i know like think. Sempione that's cool. Like i don't care like you know he's like but like tammy faye bakker's my mom he's like nice to go out was alzheimer's like you don't think that like you guys have offered to suck my dad's fake like in all seriousness..

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