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What do you know? I just look on the way in. I told you I got waylaid by Spence worthy. He sends off some kind of weird vibe. You know, he hasn't bathed in two weeks. You know, you don't know that. He's right, dude. No. Yeah, I don't wanna get in. I don't want to get him in trouble for this. But, you know, I'm you know, I sit in that memorial conference room Does I can observe the world. You can I can see everything going on and people walk by. They paid no attention. Then they know they don't know that I'm sitting in there and I'm watching and listening. Everything going on, By the way, you know the guy you said the cornerback in the back. Um, on the last row when you first come into the pits. Yeah, he said in that corner, little Johnny. Yeah. What happened here? They moved him down to the stoner floor. Oh, he's a little but you still here. He's from the stone to third floor. Okay? Yeah, you never know. So I was just kind of curious now. Yeah. So Spence, where he comes in. He's got his mask on. Yeah. I don't have a mask on because we got an email from the boss. Lady Boss, Lady Fred. Good news. Just wear a mask anymore, So I'm sitting there. And Spence where he comes in and interrupts me. I'm like, Hey, leave me alone, Bucko. I'm busy here. Yeah, Buck. I'm I'm reading my united rules and regulations goes back and he sits there is that little kind of high top? Yeah, because he's right. He's waiting to see Dom or somebody was waiting there. Okay. And then I see the boss lady walking. Yeah. Brenda, one friend Brenda walks Didn't does not worry the math. Good, good, but I think that for her, but I hear her say. You know, you have to wear a mask it she said that video the dim Wow. Good. Yeah. Good for her. What he said. Well, I have because I think Ryan's got no, he'd come on. Now you're filling in gaps with, like, untrue information. You're thinking about very theater. Lot of politic license being taken just like his one thing. Let me ask you this right? Do you want me to upload my vaccination card? If I in riding guaranteed that if I win the you know, the unlimited will be a 26 round trip flight off the unlimited. Except for 26, right if I if I win that that I agreed to take you on one of those 26 round trip flight, would you want me to, uh, play by vaccination card on the chance, Right? You would get to go with me anywhere in the world round trip first class for your chart for the sheer entertainment value of that What would bring to this program? Absolutely us, but only for that reason, because it's for the show because would help that we wouldn't we wouldn't sit together, though It doesn't matter to me. I don't care. In fact, In fact, I've probably sit in first class. You put you back in, like 37 seed, But we've already made the comparison Jerry Seinfeld, So you'd be in first class like Jerry and I'd be like Elaine back in Coach. Remember that episode, Okay? I totally could see that happening. And you'd be just rebelling in it. Oh, absolutely. Mike, you have to be in town for $1. Except you made the right decision. Absolutely. Ideas do you have you know I made the right decision? You still alive still alive? I still have my functioning limbs. All my limbs still function. A lot of things people say about you. But being stupid is not one of them. And I think I may be a smart ass, right? But I'm not a dumb it.

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