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Good morning. Nine o'clock in Boston sunshine in the city. Now, fifty seven degrees. We'll get to the mid sixties little bit later on sunshine all day. Good Wednesday morning. I'm Jeff Brown. And here's what's happening. All eyes are on Wall Street this morning ahead of the opening bell. There are growing fears of an escalating trade war between the United States and China. Global financial markets are in a selling frenzy again today. Day from Bloomberg businesses here, Andrew investors, are I ain't a deadline on trade talks. The deadline is going to be Friday. That is when President Trump said in a tweet Sunday that tariffs on Chinese imports. We're going to be hiked from ten percent, which they are currently to twenty five percent. And amid all of that continued worry losses almost two percent for the main index on Wall Street yesterday has concern over the possible collapse of a once presumed all but done U S, China trade deal overtook markets everywhere. Yes. Collation of the rhetoric past days called global equity markets off guard many of them, including our market have been testing record high seemingly priced to perfection just in the past hour or so we've started to see a little bit of a turnaround shares rallying after earnings and sales data coming in from several companies still underwater ahead of the opening bell. The Dow is down just twenty points right now, it had been down more than triple digits. Well, earlier this morning. So this bears watching today as. As we begin the trading day on Wall Street in less than one half hour. Well, investigators are continuing to be on the job at a charter school outside Denver today. It's the scene of another mass shooting two suspects in eighteen year old man and a juvenile female now in custody both of them accused of turning the guns on fellow classmates. One student killed eight others wounded, this is Douglas county sheriff Tony spurlock I asked the community to come together as we always do here in Douglas county and be strong, and and pray for the family of the child that was lost. And the other a who are injured three of the wounded remain in the hospital this morning now to Capitol Hill where the House Judiciary committee will move forward on a vote to hold attorney general William bar in contempt of congress last minute negotiations with the Justice department to release the full and unredacted Muller version version of the Muller report went up in smoke last night. Now if bar is held in contempt. He would be only the second attorney general in United States history to have that happen to him. Former FBI director James Komi is speaking out on the redacted Muller report Komi telling CBS this morning that he watched intelligent good people around President Trump get wrapped up in a web of deception that led them to behave badly. He'll just tell lies where he's not asking for your your reaction to it. He'll talk about how he had the largest crowd in history much larger than Barack Obama's. And if you don't jump in and interrupting contradict the president you feel like you've kind of agreed with him and these lies wash over you over and over again, then the next step is you sit at a cabinet meeting and everybody praises the leader. Komi was asked about the accusations that the Trump campaign was being spied on by the FBI to which he responded, the FBI does not spy coming up Red Sox. Get a big win in Baltimore. But it was baseball history on the west coast more details..

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