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Kickoff ukrainian novelist as andre hints are cutty bab chingkuo would have been i stress would have been the thirty eighth journalist to be murdered since the fall of communism if he hadn't emerged lazarus like at that press conference with many journalists appear to have been killed because of what they wrote about chechnya many who've died have been critical of ladimir putin world affairs editor john simpson spoke to many idealistic journalists at the fall of the soviet union and he now reflects on what happened to them since that was the moment when the russian journalists are cardi bob chingkuo stepped forward a news conference in kiev which was supposedly going to explain how he'd been murdered it was all very weird no doubt we'll be hearing more about the apparent plot to kill him but you can't help thinking but the whole thing will just reinforce the feeling that where russia and ukraine concerned you can't believe everything you hear when i watch those pictures i thought if only that could have happened with anna politkovskaya who was shot dead in similar circumstances outside her flat in central moscow in two thousand six like bob janko she had reported with great courage on the deeply sinister circumstances surrounding russia's relationship with its caucasian outpost chechnya and the two appallingly violent wars which russia has fought to bring chechnya to heal i knew an polit cough skyer an admire enormously this is what she said not long before she was murdered i've upset at least sure that risk is usual part of my job of russian journalist who remained determined not to be silenced even though nearly forty of the number of the murdered in the twenty seven years since the fall of communism in russia we're lucky the number didn't go up with arkady bob chengkuo russian journalists have fallen off balconies being beaten to death poisoned or involved in questionable car crashes did he four or was he pushed officially in russia maxim borodino fell out of the window this flat either suicide or an accident officially there is no question of foul play maxine barden died six weeks ago he'd been investigating the involvement of russian messenger is in syria some years ago alexander lebed f a former kgb agent who went on by the london evening standard explained how wary russian journalists had to be if they upset the authorities there you definitely will face the risk to your life if you're reading to feel them on.

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