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In the early days of the pandemic is slowly reopening intensive care admissions air going down, But wards are still around that dangerous 30% capacity and the vaccine rollout continues to be patchy. But people from Milan to Rome have been taking advantage of the chance to dine out again and go to museums. What the hospitality industry in many parts is really waiting for is the return of American tourists who are still not permitted to come to Italy. This says Italy lays out plans to use its portion of European Union recovery funds. The EU president has called the $900 billion kitty quote the opportunity of the century for the continent. Amy Kellogg, Fox News authorities School superintendent charged with lying to a grand jury investigating the circumstances surrounding the 2018 shooting, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School says he will be vindicated and will not step down, Robert Runcie, the superintendent, Broward County said in a video statement. Politics is more important than our students. Governor on dissent is impaneled the grand jury after the shooting in 2019 to take a look at safety issues in Florida schools, But the scope of the investigation was broadened to look at corruption. Overall, Runcie is expected be arraigned next month. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, with praise for the diversity of President Biden's Cabinet are people of color. 10 are women. And among them. We have a former teacher of former construction workers, Several former veterans, a small businessman, even a musician. Schumer says the confirmations have been faster than under presidents Trump and Obama and have all had bipartisan support on Wall Street. The Dow in its three points, the NASDAQ lost 40 80 S and P off a fraction I'm Lisa. Let Sarah and this is Fox News. Now now, the Cory Diamonds Traffic center that drive into town is still gonna be very difficult. 1 46 North bound moving across Fred Hartman. They're only letting that left shoulder get through and it's backed up on the 2 25 and it coming down. We will report so you may want to take the East Beltway instead..

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