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Top stories we're following for you on WTO P the death toll from yesterday's shooting at an elementary school in Texas now stands at 21 We're now learning that all the victims were in the same fourth grade classroom before the attack on the school police say the 18 year old gunman shot his grandmother President Biden has ordered flags at The White House and U.S. federal and public buildings to be flown at half staff He's also pushing Congress to tighten gun laws Republican governor Brian Kemp easily beat his Trump endorsed rival David Peru and Purdue make that And yesterday's GOP primary in Georgia Kemp is now facing democratic challenger Stacey Abrams for a second time that race is likely to be one of the nation's most expensive and closely watched Stay with WTO from more on these stories in just minutes Saying that D.C.'s housing market has been on fire is an understatement with bidding wars becoming the norm for many homes but now one expert says there are signs of things cooling One big sign is fewer properties are getting a boatload of offers What we're also starting to see are more price reductions off list prices and more properties staying on the market past the first week Corey burr is vice president of TTR south beast international realty He says another sign is more winning offers containing contingencies for things like home inspections He says higher interest rates and even the war in Ukraine or impacting things but he doesn't believe we'll see another housing bubble burst like in 2008 The market just seems stronger this time And I think it's more sustainable when it's not just a straight seller's market Mike Morello WTO news Coming up in money news Markets will open lower again today American university is letting students invest some of its money I'm Jeff cable 9 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s to Jack Taylor in the traffic center It's kind of an unexpected delay in Virginia riding the bellway outer loop as you approach in past 66 there's the brake lights the trouble is down a gallows road exit 51 the off ramp is blocked right now There is a crash in the cleanup continues inner loop was just a little heavy as you came up from Braddock road toward two 36 then again as you approach the GW Parkway just heading up onto the legion bridge with nothing reported in your way Out of warrenton 29 north near vent hill road that crash blocks the far left lane three 95 looks good coming out of Springfield You're a little slow top end up near The Pentagon heading toward the inbound 14th I 95 looks much better coming out of falmouth no delay through woodbridge riding toward lorton maybe a little heavy traffic passing The fairfax county Parkway is your role northbound Watch out if we've got any work Sometimes crews have been working earlier this week along the right side of the roadway going south toward the fairfax county Parkway We'll keep an eye on it not seeing anything in the cameras yet All right in Maryland 50 out at the bay bridge west found the red X's lit over the left lane that's preparation for two way operation unclear if we're going to have work or just giving you three lanes to go east headed out toward the beach So 32 eastbound the ramp to go north on the broken land Parkway there was a reported crash Crews are on scene mid county highway near Washington grove lane I believe it to be eastbound follow police direction The earlier activity on Richie rode up near walker mill road and Richie Marlborough road I think that is cleared the delay is gone that crash is cleared Careful on Connecticut avenue going south down your Adams drive unclear if it was able to just be popped back in A storm drained grade cover was sticking up in the traveling along that right side So do be careful Top side of the beltway outer loop does remain heavy New Hampshire river toward Georgia avenue Add New Hampshire avenue chart vehicle state highway moved a broken down or abandoned vehicle out of the roadway We all have safely onto the right shoulder So again it's kind of caught up within that heavy traffic The trouble in northwest is on Reno road south of tilden street we've got a crash at Rodman street and now checking on the outbound 11th street bridge we may have another reported wreck headed toward the ramps to go north or south on D.C. two 95 or I two 95 Learn how to modernize identity in your agency from top leaders in government register now for the octagon identity summit at up gathered dot com slash octa That's up gather dot com slash okay TA Jack Taylor TOP traffic And Mike's Jennifer has our forecast this morning Mike we're pretty heavy on the cloud cover today We are at times the clouds will thin a little bit some of us will see a few peaks of.

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