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Saying doesn't help matters when prime time. Tv Has Murphy Brown. It character who supposedly epitomizes. Today's intelligent highly paid professional woman mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling the just another lifestyle choice now. Quayle drew a firestorm of criticism feminist and liberal organizations and was widely ridiculed by late night. Talk show hosts with a remark the Murphy Brown speech and the resulting media coverage damaged the Republican ticket in the nineteen ninety two presidential election and became one of the most memorable incidents of the nineteen ninety two campaign long after the outcry had ended the comment continued to have an effect on. Us Politics Seventy coons professor of family history and the author of several books and essays about the history of marriage says it this brief remark by quayle about Murphy Brown kicked off more than a decade of outcries against the collapse of the family. Now in the nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety three series premiere of Murphy Brown that Season Brown. The character watched quayle's comments on television and responded on the fictitious new show F. Why later in the episode? She hired a truck to dump thousand potatoes. On coils doorstep. You remember the remark about never mind. Well if you if you do great if you don't Dan Quayle claim that the singular potato had any in at Poto e which is wrong and in and he was relying on a flash card that was wrong in two thousand and two Candice Bergen. The actress who played Brown said I never really said much about the whole episode which was endless but his speech was a perfectly intelligent speech about fathers. Not being dispensable and nobody agreed with that more than I did. Let's see on this date in fifteen thirty six. And BELINDA SECOND WIFE of King Henry. Eight was beheaded the one hundred thirty ship. Strong Spanish Armada set sail for England on this date in fifteen eighty eight. It was defeated in August for colonies Massachusetts Bay Plymouth. Conne Connecticut and New Harbour met on this date in sixteen forty three to form the New England Confederation. Congress passed the emergency quota. Act on this date. In one thousand nine hundred thousand one establishing national quotas for Immigration and immigrants the first annual calibers frog jumping jubilee held.

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