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American politician without being a racist is something that we've got it nipped in the bud as as long as they're politicians affecting public policy they are subject to criticism no matter traffic and weather for Columbus and WTVN twelve thirty radio six ten WTVN employees at Wright Patterson Air Force base are kicking off a week's worth of emergency training exercises today area residents are advised to not be alarmed when they hear loud sirens as part of those exercises a bicycle is died early yesterday morning after she was struck by a truck forty four year old Kristen Oswald was participating in the Iron Man triathlon race when she was struck by a tractor trailer around nine AM in the right lane of US twenty three near Trautmann wrote a new United healthcare survey finds two thirds of Americans say a small daily incentive would motivate them to dedicate an hour each day to a fitness routine especially if it offered a chance to socialize United healthcare says they're using this information now do and try and improve employees wellness programs at all of the companies it serves your A. B. C. six first warning weather mostly sunny today with a slight chance for some afternoon rain and a high of eighty eight whether power by the basement Dr I'm Alison Wyant talk station newsradio six ten W. TV and then I don't know what it is about the kitchen that it becomes the gathering place it is the heart of the family it's the place in the house where everybody always ends up being it's the heart of the most.

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