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Sure because we've got to cut line the fire could be right there. And then we'd be cutting line on a fires to stop if he's coming. What do you mean cutting line will we cut along with a MacLeod McLeod tools to? Like something like a whole like you using your garden. Four line to stop the fire from coming. So you've had the fire is closest like a couple of feet from where we are. Yes. Is it scary? I guess he's Houston. I started. You'll be scary. Somebody may some of the other people scare you some crew members. But to me, no. To me is just regular work. I didn't already program on silty. Whenever we go. Goes it only even bother me on this. All right. Work is work that we're doing last night. One of the guys fell down the hill. Yes. What happened? Did you see slippery rocks rocks asleep? He does heated fill that bad. It's this was a little far sprang ankles happens. Do happens the trees fall on you? All right. The last thing would a month ago of firefighter die. Free tire fighter or free firefighter because it's refill owning goes. Is. Crazy out there sometimes. But most of the time, we know what's going on. Are you shoulder to shoulder with the Cal fire? Firefighters. Yes, we cut line together. We'd be out there. We don't they don't we're not split up from my. We're not like old brain inmates over here. Nice. Not like that. We just we all out there. Together, we all out there, helping each other. Right. The foul by one. And I see Cal fire your firefighter and Anini help or something with the holes or something like that. Because they are helpless. We all here to help each other and make sure everybody's safe. How much money do you make dollar our when you're finding the fire? When you fighting the fire dollar, our so how for example last night where you how long were you fighting fire probably twenty hours. So we probably may twenty dollars twenty two dollars twenty four dollars. What do you think of that? Will I don't think I think we should make. Of course, I will say I wouldn't anybody that got a job. You would think you should make more. I always always I told us getting two dollars until I came to fire Kim. Schooled army we make money for something that we probably do for free. Anyway, just for the time could so we saw. I will prefer. Yes, we more money. Of course, anybody would in the working position will wanna make more money. So you're saving the state to say the least.

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