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Is another episode of the three questions with andy richter and i very happy to be talking to my friend. Yvette nicole brown. The emmy nominated yvette. nicole brown. How how about that andy. First of all. I am overjoyed to be here with you. I've missed your sweet little face skin. See i'm looking at it right now and i missed it. I can't believe him emmy nominated. I don't know. I can't believe it because it's it's in black lady. Scott show was guest bought. You did. And i can't imagine that you go it. Because i mean i've done a million guest spots and you don't think oh this is going to get me an emmy nominee never. Yeah and was it a surprise when you got the still surprised today. It's been too and i'm still like was this emmy now. I'm like okay talking about funny. I know i did not go into it going. This is this is going to be the one you know. I knew that it was funny. But listen we. We're journeymen actors. We've been a lot of shows where parts were funny or you know. And and it's been crickets. So i know and it's an listen. It's a small appearance i did. Two episodes edited played the same character for two seasons back to back. And i think my sketches four minutes long so it's surrounded by so many other talented people sketches. Did i think no. I never thought they picked me out of the bunch ever. This is yeah ridiculous a great way. Well fantastic congratulations. And i hope you. I hope you get it. listen. I can't even dream that big but that would be an even bigger surprise right. Well it's also to outline. I can't say nobody. But i certainly did not think when i started to do this for a living and yes and i will also get trophies. Never it's it's like the health fix about that. And then there's this weird and i've always said like the fact that they give awards in this stuff is the weird thing about this to me and it's from having gone. It's from having been on the conan show for so many years getting nominated for writing almost every year for a number of years we got nominated for writing and then we would go with..

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