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And paving and milling and paving on the northbound side approaching Bach wrote mass transit no major problems at this hour in the K. one of the twenty four hour traffic center I'm Brian Ramon the day forecast here's NBC ten first alert meteorologist Krystal klei overnight a few showers may pass the area but will mostly dry out and we're looking at temperatures dropping about seventy one degrees for a morning low Tuesday Tuesday also comes with hot and humid conditions are forecast high of ninety two degrees but feels like temperatures in the middle nineties partly cloudy conditions then another round of showers and thunderstorms Tuesday evening into the night we dry out Wednesday and the humidity is lower with a forecast high of ninety it's still hot but not nearly as humid same deal Thursday with forecast high of eighty six partly sunny conditions Friday were mostly sunny but we're back up to ninety degrees and by Saturday the heat is back on a bit more humid with a forecast high of ninety three I'm NBC ten first alert meteorologist Krystal klei with your most accurate forecast calendar mostly cloudy here in center city seventy six head of as we head down to seventy one it's eleven thirty five governor fee loosening more coronavirus restrictions allowing casinos and restaurants to open at limited capacity on July second more from K. Y. W.'s Mike denardo and what it means governor Murphy says come July second casinos may open their floors and indoor dining may resume at first almost doubles wins will be limited to just twenty five percent of their indoor capacity that's welcome news for Rosita lamberti she manages the six alto lamberti family restaurants two of which are in cherry hill Lamberty says she's awaiting full guidance from the state but even at twenty five percent capacity she's eager to have customers indoors again we have a lot of private dining room space that will be able to use for Allah cart dining so we think that will be able to adjust our tables accordingly so that we can maximize the amount of data that we can we can have mercy also raise the limits on outdoor gatherings from one hundred to two hundred fifty people effective immediately he says these are the first of a number of re opening announcements this week Mike denardo KYW newsradio the department of justice says the US attorney's office for the Northern District of Alabama.

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