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I don't even know what the rest of the question is. I just love that. Teddy is standing up ourself being competent more women need to follow that who do you predict will be the first lady to piss off in these this season and inspirer first outside. Lisa renna. She is. Close to you watch. What do you think Atlanta of the coming for Marlow? And then completely breaking down to all the women about great. I think Marla should have been more sensitive to a friend like her friend was clearly reaching out and saying I'm hurting right now. But she could not hear that because she was in her own ego. What do you make of Niimi freaking out when the cameraman winning closet? I think again, you don't mess with my closet. But also, it's Nina's let you know. She's hurting right now. And so we have to be careful with people who are in trauma. Will you think this reconciliation between candy and Porsche will last definitely not because Porsche has yet to get true. Trae rehabilitation for anger issues thoughts on new housewives Chamari. And what do you think of her getting hammered and throwing up on you, first of all she ever called herself beyond Jay Z ever. Again. I'm going to throw up on her first day. And Secondly, don't throw up on my either the have you been following the Lou and drama outside of the show is her cabaret show a risk to her sobriety. I don't think. So I think she has a great group of people around you. And I think she's been really. With clear about what she wants to accomplish with this variety. I thank you very much. Oh, should be all those new in-house lifeboats well in Isa's for her newest role, real housewife. I'm gonna ask about things house visor known to do Kerama guests if Denise has ever done said thing will reveal. Okay, kerama. Do you think Denise ever tossed to drink in anyone's face? No, she's classy. Okay. Do you think Denise has ever competed with a friend for the same guy? I do. And I think she's one I have not act really. Well, you'll win. Okay. Do you think to throw a fit about not getting the best room on a girl's trip? I don't think. So now. Okay. Do you think Denise ever had to tell a friend that are man was cheating on her? I do think you have never. Get in the middle of a relationship. I agree. Into a Bush. Haven't we all? Probably. Kick someone out of her party guests. I hope so. Oh, yes. I have. Traits Riley, Beverly Hills LV shows Kyle and the tax that proved teddy is being as fake as the name John blizzard sounds here's what take a look at this week can went to visit. And then he said, I won't eat printout. We'll text teddy. She says have the dog there, and I can set aside reinstalled, I can see what you're saying. But I think that it's not fair to put that on her when she wasn't. She wasn't alone in the situation that's up. I've never spoken to John blizzard. How did you know that teddy new I didn't know time teddy. Physically said that John blizzard was given an order you believing. Teddy over me. Okay. Mystery mystery Claire bell gator wants to note. Denise what is the most surprising thing about being a housewife, so far I would say I was surprised that it is actually not scripted at all real real, right? Real reality. Right. Right. But the thing that was one thing for me to get used to was we're not a very, discreet croup so going into restaurants, the other people there are real people eating food. Yes. Yes. That's fun. Lucy. Kay wants to know Kerama which housewife g think most needs a makeover from the fab five oh from what franchise. I would say right now Chamari. Okay. Yeah. I think she's a great singer. I loved her when boom like that ADA. But the makeover I've seen it. She could use them. Okay. Go to W W H L dot TV devoted our next bowl. Who is the hottest Beverly Hills house husband now, Erin, Edwin, Harry, Ken MAURICE, yo PK or Tom. This is very interesting. Story. It's really going back and forth is very excited. Keep that up voting open because Marie CO has been running. Okay..

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