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Their stuff in the spring is a swinging strike and it's one one it's possible because Trevor gots one of those guys it does throw a lot of strikes only watch seventeen guys last year fifty two and two thirds innings but he said when he did walk guys watchers seem to be on four pitches he loses release point for a batter is swinging a big bouncer to the right side of that skips right through the infield right where nobody was basic coming around over the third is the fast moving good when the truck comes into the cut off man Sanchez the shortstop from the crime scene on the edges of runners at first and third it's just bad luck this is the groundball not hit all that hard but on this fast cactus league infield sped through on the sun shiny day so now here comes for the ages and I have to double check yeah this is still Jason Castro who had a long home run a three run Homer in the third inning to make it a five nothing game he's got two men on again here H. and that is in for a called strike with a curveball if you go the ninety four ninety five he does have a very good curveballs there's a slider as well in a changeup but he seems to go to that curveball more often to left handers the slider to righties now the page and that curveball bins in their for a called strike to that's and not that many late inning relievers have a great curveball like god does nearly throw hard maybe they throw a slider with that splitter or whatever bring him back to that big curveball now the page that's a fastball to strike about looking at the high strike there from the plate umpire Jordan Baker who is after all he's six feet.

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