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Tonight and Gordon Hayward is set to hit the open market and now former Celtic swing man opted out of the final year of his contract with Boston that would have paid him just north of $34 million this year. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean Hayward's days and greener over, he could sign a new deal with Boston. But he could also be a sign and trade candidate with Atlanta and his hometown Indiana Pacers reportedly being interested in another Celtics news See sending Big man Vince employed Oklahoma City for a conditional second round pick. The Patriots will be back on the practice field today, getting ready for a trip to Houston. The past will try to make it three wins in a row when they take on the Texan Sunday. One big difference for New England the past two games compared two weeks prior. Well, that's the play of Cam Newton. Cam is completed over 75% of his passes in the two wins and hasn't turned the ball over. So what's changed? Just like I'm learning. And just turning over to, you know good production as offense, and that's all it is. Dan Walk, ins, WBZ Boston's news radio 7 13 and Back to those roads we go. We've got traffic and weather together. It's brought to you by these Subaru retailers of New England. Don't we'll drive traffic on the threes? Here's Dave. 24 North has been a very difficult ride because of an earlier pile up in Brockton. Now in what's left of that back up, we have a disabled vehicle in the middle of the road on 24 north after route 1 23 95 North hangs up for almost a half mile getting on the route 1, 28 and Canton. Find out about the expressway. We'll go over head to the mockery insurance copter. So we do have one disabled vehicle on the expressway in oil found this in the big emergency cut out just after East built the square. But it's really not having an impact on anything. Matter of fact, your first slow down on the expressway. No pounds. Not until you're up around the Dorchester Yacht Club in Savin Hill, and by the time you're up to the fortress building that's he's doubt heading for the.

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