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Pushes christian bills a bruce wayne in the batman and everything but i think especially in retrospect after he passes away he pledged the jover becomes this whole big entity this whole creative idea this legend this rumors this myth he wins an award from it and i think even more interestingly he doesn't just eclipse christian bail who's a great actor and the signature character of this franchise right he also eclipses jack nicholson's portrayal of the joker which up until he later hit keith ledger kmlong was the most iconic version of the joker and really people couldn't consider anyone else doing the joker better but he fletcher did it so effectively uh that it completely marginalize jack nicholson's take do you think heat ledgers pretrial gets his match interest and pedestal time if he doesn't die nobody so it's a tide still gets a time it's like it's the case for any young person who dies who's successful they become grader in retrospect but it's still so if he doesn't i don't think it's a total eclipse event because he did it is yeah do you know who else auditioned for the joker who's considered hale sam rockwell no adrien brody now paul bed knee no and robin williams robin williams there would have been weird and intercity bubbly could have pulled it off more than those other can you imagine if you're like paul bet near like i'm competing against robin while you measure osamd rockwell i'm like i kinda like you do like i wanna how he likes sam rockwell but he's too he's not weird enough no he's not so evidently heath ledger uh auditioned.

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