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Welcome back to the perhaps the most chill episode of the Living Healthy podcasts. Yet I'm your host Andrew Bell and I'm your coach for any well then we just got done taking a yoga class at La Fitness Bernie. Can I officially say that. I'm a Yogi now. You're officially hitting the chill zone. She'll zone I'm trying to work my way out of it. We literally got taking a class about ten minutes ago So I think I saw you hit Nirvana one project boss moment where I looked over and I go. He's either asleep because is he's so at peace until yeah or he's like fully hitting his Nirvana and I'm actually I've only taken about. I think this is my fifth with Yoga class ever and I only took my first one probably three months ago with my wife. So this is like was super new to me. I'm definitely very nudie abyss so this is kind of cool because we have have the newbie perspective which is mine and then we have kind of the experience one which is yours and then we have very experienced one over here. Yes we ever experienced guest today which is our Yoga instructor for today. Fascinating fascinating man by the name of John Lyon. He's been a yoga instructor for La Fitness for a while now and as we said before we just got done with this class of first of all. John How did we do in the class. You did fantastic. We all know we probably completed. Yoga is more about the breath in the moving than the actual perfection action to go in there and strive for any type of perfection and oppose is not doing yoga. It's bringing in the stuff that harms so you guys did amazing so just go and flow flow with it and breathe with it and You did great perspective. I've never actually heard it. Put that way and I have to say that is exactly what I took took from your class. It was an hour of just being in the moment truly in the moment and from every whether it was like the anecdotes you told or whatever it was that we were doing it was so everything was just. It was very mindful very peaceful and it all kind of came full circle back to how could relate to everyone personally in their own life and it was a very healing and like spiritual experience it is it is and that's what this episode is about is kind of yoga but also meditation and how they kind of Interchange with with each other and work together But before we get started we have to break the flow of this episode. To remind you. If you're not a subscriber please subscribe to the podcast. That's how you'll you'll get new episodes delivered straight to your phone when we release them. which is every other Monday? If you're new and all year long we're going to be bringing on nutrition. Experts fitness experts in general health experts to talk about a variety. Righty of health topics. To help you get to and through your goals so all right. Let's get back to the show here so John First of all we WANNA learn a little bit about you your background. What got got you into Yoga because first of all people can't seem well if they see the thumbnail they will? But you probably don't look like the average person you would expect to be doing yoga. I don't yeah so so. What what got you into Yoga My wife is that we we started off two weeks before we went to see a movie and it was on the history of Yoga and it was about two and a half hours and at that point I thought it was about two hours and fifteen minutes too long and it was boring and it was a smoother and There's a lot of Yogis in there and just loved. It was a history of the breathing and the channels in the energy and all these different parts of Yoga and I just sat there and I fell asleep in and a couple of times it was their premier and so we walked out and they had this table tabletop with everybody who had anything to do with anybody who had energy in there. There's a producers the Editors the writers directors anybody who put any type of hands on that film were there and all these women around all these people around and they're all just gushing about it and that's my wife and I are walking out. They asked me what I think about the movie and I go. You don't want to know what I think about that. Other ask one of these other women he goes. Don't what do you think about it. And I told him I said well I go if you ask them to give you my honest opinion I go. I think it's a bunch of hocus pocus mumble bumble bee s and He he he okay. And that's the interesting thing is he just said Okay and and my wife was mad. I mean everybody was looking around like I was like the crazy guy and we walked out and Two weeks later. She asked me if I I wanted to take a yoga class. There's this place down the street that was free. I said if it's free it's for me and I went in there and I took the first class and It was physically challenging changing. But I told my wife before I go weird in there. I'm going to go ahead and just step outside and sit in the car because I don't you don't know what's what you're getting into yoga mystical. So Oh I went through that first class and physically challenged. I went through the second class the next day and Something happened to me and and that was when I was going to sleep I wasn't awake. I wasn't asleep and I just told my wife that you'll free my mind and I denied it at first when she said I go like I said it and that's when I realized that I need to do more of this. So that's what was my first weekend of Yoga is that it just freed. Read my mind after after two places that that was ten years ago ten years ago and it was just just There's a lot of dynamics in my life that we're going on that we're very challenging. I slept like a baby. Go to sleep and I'd be up about every fifteen twenty minutes Kinda you know. Restless solicit everything and that I'd go back to sleep but that piece that I experienced after just the second class was the Besley that I received and so I just found myself wanting to go back more and more and more and just eating more of it and which was really good. Wow that's awesome. That's yeah that's very cool is would you say what would you say is the ultimate ultimate goal of Yoga. Then is it to find that peace is it to heal your body. Is it just to get exercise to what. What is the ultimate goal of Yoga or meditation? General I it can be all of it because Yoga's uh-huh physical practice. There's definitely a physical dynamic that you will tone in sculpture body but there's also the piece component with the breath that you can find and yourself. Pardon me in his place of seated meditation and all Yoga is a moving meditation my perspective because the Word Word Yoga when it comes right down to it it translates into harnish into yoke and that's to connect the breath to the body and Dach- that's where you'll get is and it's been around for six thousand years and in the first but when I started yoga it was there to find seated meditation out that was the ultimate that was the ultimate go when Yoga I started six thousand years plus ago because they were all hunter gatherers they wanted to find a place to come to for stillness us so they practice these poses to find one in their body so they can meditate to their supreme being whatever it was meditation Yoga Alga Right Gateway to to meditate. Okay L. DO Yoga. The Yoga was there to help find and yourself into seat imitation sit comfortably comfortably invitation. Okay and so do you. Do you find that. There's a right or wrong way to practice. Meditating I don't know much about about it I kind of difficult especially in the beginning. So is there any like tips. You have for people who are just starting to meditate trouble either sitting still still clearing their mind or just getting to that seated place that they need to be is very challenging. Because you're confronted with one of the scariest things in life in that stillness. John Lewis our minds our program to constantly go. Go go perfection. The Best Excel. Whether it's at your work whether it's in your life you want to be the best you want to have the best car. She wanted to the best of everything and when you slow down to a place of stillness whether it is two minutes in posher five minutes and seated meditation and beyond it becomes that stillness becomes very very confronting and sometimes the best possible thing you can do for your body. It is absolutely nothing as sitting be still and just focusing on the breath but to get back to your pointing a a right or wrong way. There's no wrong way to meditate. But when you want to you definitely want to do it in seeded comfortable position because if you do it laying down you can fall asleep and your main focus is to focus on the breath right eight to clear your head of all holy thoughts in just to clear the thoughts on you what you WanNa do you find yourself. You want to observe the breath not find it as a focus and let everything pass through the mind all the fluctuations pass through like you're not attached to any of them because when you're sitting in a place of you're focusing on your breath you're thinking of your breath now if you observe the breath and you just let it pass through you with any without any attachment then you can find yourself in a place of meditation. That'll it'll take you further because thoughts always go through your mind when you're meditating. You can't turn off your mind it'll just constantly things will come through that kind of led into the next question of like. How what do you do when you can't stop thinking while you're meditating but I guess it's focus on the breath you just? Yeah the the mind works in a specific way you can only think about one thing at a time. So if you're focused on your breath you're not thinking about yesterday today or tomorrow thinking about. What's on your daily play? You're thinking of the breath fashion. You can kind of use it as technique is just watched the breath come into your nose to the back of your throat and fill up your lungs. And then that'll take you to a place where you you can start to focus on that and then you can get back and used that as technique to just watch the thoughts go through and is it almost like a way of organizing your thoughts in a sense or letting your mind kind of naturally organized your thoughts in that. You're you're letting them kind of passer you like voice heard like you kind of like the thought comes in your mind. YOU RECOGNIZE CNN is it. Let it go and try and focus back on the breath. Is that also part of meditation. Yeah Y- you. You definitely have a way of organizing but even organizing is the same as focusing seeing on breath. What you're writing? What you're trying to do is not shut the mind off completely but find it to a place of peace because I believe my opinion. Is that when you are able to shut the mind off away. From all the distractions it starts to go into a different mode of thought. It's not uncommon for somebody to walk out of a yoga class and say They had a a series of something at work that it was going on. They needed to find an answer to a specific question for something something a problem at work or at school and an hour or two after a class you come up with that solution and the reason I believe is because you've given your mind time I'm to really get into process And kind of you know to see through the confusion clearly or lack of another word analysis by paralysis. You've shut it down to work at higher speed clears the fog. They say the same thing about nerves too like with public speaking when people get really nervous my dad added always told me a story of how somebody would but a paper clip in their pocket and play with it with their hand. Because you can only focus on one thing at once if you're on that you're not focusing on being nervous but it's interesting 'cause I always wondered it's like you find that clarity while you're meditating any find that clear space but what about when you stop. Do you take it with you. But you're right. It's you use that moment to meditate to open up your mind to be able to clear.

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