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All right. So thank you very much to our guest this week. Michael chandler anderson silva kayla harrison on the youtube channel. I also have a conversation up with rick. Flair which was nothing short of amazing an hour plus talking about his health his anxiety his career working with his daughter. Charlotte michael chandler. Mma it was It was amazing. Also conversation with allen. Joe ban who Retired suddenly on monday much love to him. That was a lot of fun and on my instagram page. By the way a lot of injuries this week and i love every second of it. I spoke to one championship fighter being when who is fighting on the one championship card. The saturday morning against retu- foget in a big fight for them in their atom weight division. It's a big fight card for indian. Mma arjun bowlers fighting in the main event against brandon vera And there's a lot of going on this weekend so check that out as well and yes. There is a lot of t tight. Nfc is holding an event on thursday in santo domingo dominican republic. Lfa's back on friday. As i said one championship dhanjal is is going. Down may fifteenth saturday morning six. Am and then. Of course the big one. You've see to sixty two this saturday night on espn plus pay per view interesting card. Interesting names on the prelims. Names like andrew liaoning the shevchenko. You've got mike grundy teammate. Of dr until lando veneta you've got shock array soza against andrea moonies. The prelims start at five thirty eastern. Then they continue on big. Espn at eight eastern and main card. Of course ten pm eastern on espn plus pay per view. Essabar bosa versus shane. Burgos is a really fun. Fight vivani at against caitlyn. Kagan is a important fight Hungaria bon toting against match. Schnell was moved to the main card after the recent loss of the image bosnian project and then the two big ones are used for tony ferguson. And of course. The vacant lightweight title fight between one charles do bronx oliveira and michael chandler ton of anime news since we last spoke rumble johnson. Getting arrested for identity. Theft in twenty nineteen wild conor mcgregor highest paid athlete in the world according to forbes wild dana white saying he's leaning towards and guy new derek lewis as we know and as we were told by derek lewis and this saga with john jones continues to roll along For breach of resume getting that loss overturned to a no contest. Great news donald toronto. Getting one more fight from dana white but it would be at one fifty five. I think is promising. News for saronic fans. Hopefully he He uses that as the retirement fight. And of course the big one that was dropped on this very podcast anderson silva saying he is done with mixed martial arts. Wow and it seems like there's a little bit of bitterness there. It seems like there's some hard feelings he's taking the high road but If that's the end what a run here. And as they set the on air on the bad guy today They're they're going to say. There's no civil without shale but anderson owes a lot to tell someone chill son did a lot for anderson silva and he gave him that foil that he needed to get over the hump as a draw and It's good to see them on good terms..

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