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Thank you very much. Rory. I do suggest you check that out as soon as possible. It's a phenomenal and heartbreaking and emotional documentary, but that man is a walking miracle. And as ROY said, kudos to him, for being honest about maybe some past transgressions and and being honest about, you know what he's had to perhaps make up for now with his new situation and kudos to his wife for standing by him and for being there for him. I'm sure it has not been an easy year and a half or his family, but the thing that he was hit by a train and he is still around walking talking memory. He would always come up to me at the events and when I started to work for FOX, and I decided on my own to where a suit with dress shoes, because I, I would usually wear jeans in the in the the, the Nikes he called me out and he said that I had sold out and he didn't like that. And quite frankly, I am shocked at even remembers that. I saw him at a vent in. I didn't event Jacobo the UC twenty five event. Then he seemed to be in great spirits. BJ pan. Just just amazing. Just amazing. So check that out on UC fight pass. I can't recommend it enough and again, so great to hear for Matt Hughes. All right. Let us move long now and say Hello to friend of the program, Kevin Lee who has some things to get off his chest. He is joining us right now via the phone, Kevin. How are you. What's going on. It's it's good to talk to you. My friend where you in Las Vegas for u. of c. two twenty nine. Yeah, I was there. You know, other than for the free Levin that a little bit of film at a little bit of breakdown, but then I left right after I kind of already knew that was going, may I say that they..

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