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In your brain because they're like wires sorta and issues and and and they can make you fire so the same way that your your your cell phone can now wirelessly recharge we can actually deliver energy across the skull in some of the the issue and depression is a deficiency of fiery or deficiency of concentrate yeah it's been nichols between the cells been known for a long time it there was typically areas of the praying there were under active in patients with depression and they're really smart psychiatrist they mark george back in the '80s '90s was looking at this thing will if we could just literally stimulate these under active mood areas in the brain and make them fire could we make them sort of comeback alive and so that's exactly what we do we deliver pulses pulses thousands of pulses and treatment and it's literally like exercising that part of the brain exercise a muscle the muscle gets bigger they've been able to demonstrate that those parts of the brain get big her brain growth factors are released no new connections are sprouted literally they can measure growth on it on an mri and an increase in metabolic activity now in this area that restores it to a normal is there more once you get a clinical response is there higher probability of a sustained response than say a pharmacological agent because of this growth and i know there's some observations of growth from pharmacology too right yeah that that's a really good question the kind of we need to do more longterm studies about what happens because one of the problems in the field right now is we have only done these shortterm studies and we can get people better and yet depression is a recurrent and chronic illness in many many people and it comes back many times and so we're not looking ways to maintain people so one of the things we do after we do in a queue course treatment which is basically five days a week for like six weeks how loss half hour forty even half are usually tanning session and your wake your lert you feel this kind of woodpecker on your head.

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